17 Painfully Relatable Memes About The Current Hay Fever Situation

Pollen in 2021 is savage.

by Alice Broster
Woman clearly struggling with allergy season while working from home

If you’re a veteran hay fever sufferer, you’ll likely know the drill by now. The second the hot weather hits, pollen season begins, meaning we have to ride the wave of antihistamines, red eyes, sniffly noses, scratchy throats, and itchy eyes. The joy. But is it just me or is hay fever season this year particularly savage?

As we know all too intimately, pollen season – when trees and grass release pollen, aka. our mortal enemy – has two “peaks”: from mid-May until mid-July, and late June until around September. Meaning this isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Experts agree allergies this year are worse, too. Kind of.

“Over this last year, lockdowns and restrictions have led to changes in our day-to-day environments,” reports PM Live. Lockdown restrictions lifting mean we are able to spend time outdoors – especially when we’ve spent what at times feels like a lifetime at home. The sunny weather of late encourages our sun-seeking behaviours, too.

At the moment, the Met Office is recording a very high pollen count across much of the UK. The dread is real. But thankfully, Twitter is on-side and the memes are just about the only thing bringing me solace in my time of need. So if you too have been sniffing your way through Zoom meetings or dousing your eyes in water for second of respite, just know: you’re not alone.

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