The Sobriety Spectrum

What 2,000 Millennial Women Have To Say About Sobriety

Including their thoughts on pandemic drinking, being “sober curious,” and more.

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A survey of 2,000 millennial women on drinking found that nearly 40% abstain from alcohol.
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With more young people taking a break from booze, Bustle asked 2,005 women ages 25-40 across the U.S. about sobriety in a survey conducted by OnePoll. Read on to see why some abstain, how the pandemic affected drinking, and how many people identify as sober curious.

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What Our Relationship With Alcohol Is Like

People across the spectrum of sobriety responded to the April 2021 poll: Some drink or smoke pot, while others abstain entirely, and 175 people out of 2,005 self-identified as sober curious, meaning they’re conscious about their drinking.