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Karly & Deb Found A Simple Way Of Making Long Distance Work

“We just want to be the rich aunts who travel.”

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Welcome to Queer Love Stories, a series dedicated to celebrating the power and joy of LGBTQ+ relationships. Below, 26-year-old Karly, host of the Hey Bitches podcast and full-time influencer, and 23-year-old Deb, who currently serves in the Canadian military, share their love story that began in the summer of 2022. With a nine-hour time difference between them, Karly and Deb have managed to make their long distance relationship work — but we wanted to know more. So, we put them to the test, Cilla Black style, and asked them to answer our questions about what their first date was really like, the attributes they love most about their partner, and just how well they know each other. The catch? They had to do so separately and couldn’t share their answers with each other. Get ready to be in your feels.

So how did you first meet?

Deb: We met at the Edmonton Pride Fest in July last summer. Although we attended with two completely different friend groups, we did share a mutual friend.

Karly: I was meeting with a friend to help promote their business at Pride and he introduced me to his friend group... which happened to include my now girlfriend.

What was your first date like?

Deb: Our first official date was so cute. It was at a sandwich place — I can't recall the name, but I remember that we shared our order.

Karly: Our first actual date was a hookup, and the day after we went to one of my favourite brunch spots called Wilfreds.

What were your first impressions?

Deb: I was actually quite clueless about her flirting the first time we met, and I felt that she was way out of my league. She was, and still is, so incredibly hot. She was super outgoing and friendly. I experienced a lot of emotions around her that day.

Karly: This might sound corny, but I feel like my first impressions of Deb were very much “when you know, you know” vibes. I met her in a group of friends and all my attention was on her. You could tell she was sweet, kind, and captivating. I could also tell she was so shy and I purposely asked for her name twice to let her know I was interested. It took her like five hours to figure that out, though.

We both have a similar path in our future.

Describe your partner in three words?

Deb: Ambitious, intelligent, and warm.

Karly: Loving, honest, fearless.

What song reminds you of your partner?

Deb: “Bonfire Heart” by James Blunt.

Karly: “Fall Into Me” by Forest Blakk.

What’s your favourite memory with your partner?

Deb: The time I surprised her with a date night. I rearranged her entire sitting room, set up candles and roses, and made a charcuterie board with wine.

Karly: One of my favourite memories has to be one of our earlier dates. We went to an adult arcade called Rec Room and played a tonne of games. It was so fun to watch her light up every time we won.

What is your partner’s favourite colour and film?

Deb: Karly’s favourite colour is pink and her favourite movie is Hairspray. I laugh every time I think about it.

Karly: Deb’s favourite film is Home by Dreamworks and her favourite colour is green.

Did you get them right?

Both: Yes!

What’s the worst thing you’ve argued about, and how did you make up?

Deb: I honestly can’t recall us arguing about anything.

Karly: The only thing we’ve ever really argued about was if Deb should deploy or not. She’s currently overseas for the next six months, so I did not win the “or not” part of that argument...

What were your green flags when you first met?

Deb: I realised early on that we both have a similar path in our future, and just want to be the rich aunts who travel. We also like to be mentally and physically healthy together.

Karly: How warm and kind she was to other people, how chivalrous she was, and also how honest and straightforward she was even when we’d just met.

What is your partner’s best attribute?

Deb: How capable she is at making me feel loved.

Karly: Her patience, for sure.

She’s the first woman I’ve ever dated or slept with.

What would you say your partner brings out in you?

Deb: Definitely my quirky side. I feel safe being authentic and goofy when I'm with her.

Karly: My softer and feminine side. I own my business so I’m so used to being in my masculine energy of being the boss and taking care of everything myself. My partner brings out that feminine side that shows me I don’t always have to do everything on my own.

How does your partner make you feel accepted?

Deb: Through her show of affection. She is also very goofy in return, and we laugh a lot around each other.

Karly: I came out in May 2022 and we started dating shortly after. She’s the first woman I’ve ever dated or slept with — that all made me feel so accepted from the very first day we met.

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