When You Need A New Mattress, These Are The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask

Because nobody likes Junk Sleep.

by BDG Studios
Top view of young woman sleeping on side in her bed at night. Beautiful girl sleeping profoundly and...

Remember peaceful, uninterrupted sleep? Chances are, if you’re over the age of 12 or if it’s been a hot minute since you thought about your mattress, sinking into a deep, restful slumber is probably a distant, brain-fogged memory.

That’s a huge bummer, because the quality of your sleep has a pretty big impact on your well-being. When you’re not getting enough quality sleep, everything from your mood to your memory to your cardiovascular health can take a hit. For most of us, it’s only gotten worse in the past couple of years. Everyone is exhausted because no one gets enough sleep. And the sleep we do get sucks. We’re getting Junk Sleep.

Junk Sleep is sleep that isn’t long enough or deep enough to adequately nourish and recharge your brain and body. Junk Sleep is what happens when you combine a busy life with stressful times and a garbage sleep situation, i.e., an old mattress or one that’s just wrong for you. It can cause forgetfulness, grogginess, irritability, and embarrassing mistakes. (Hello, forgetting your own mom’s birthday.)

Mattress Firm is helping people fight Junk Sleep so they can finally sleep well and feel rested and alert during their waking hours. A huge part of that is making sure you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s right for you. So, when it’s time to think about a new mattress, ask yourself these questions:

What’s keeping you up?

Allergies, acid reflux, the wrong room temperature, a snoring partner, doomscrolling ‘til you finally pass out from sheer exhaustion ... lots of things can cause tossing and turning at night. (Seriously though, stop doomscrolling. You know it’s unhelpful.) Fortunately, sleeping on the right mattress can go a long way to mitigate some of these issues and get you a better night’s rest.

At Mattress Firm, you can speak with a highly trained Sleep Expert® who will match you with the best mattresses and sleep products for you. They have 200 hours of training each to ensure you get matched with the right bed for you, at the right price.

What’s your sleep position?

Do you know your sleep position? Some of us are back sleepers, some are side sleepers, and some of us like to keep it interesting with a sassy mix of side, back, AND stomach. If you’re not sure what your main position is, think about how you wake up most mornings. The position you sleep in can help determine the right mattress for you. Different mattresses provide different balances of pressure relief to cradle and cushion you, and support to distribute your weight for spinal alignment.

Are you sleeping on the right mattress size?

Specifically, is your bed big enough? If you have a partner, kids, and/or pets who love to join you at night, you may need to go up a size. Studies have shown that folks sleeping on a king mattress sleep almost one hour more per week than on a queen or full. Sleeping on a king bed also decreases time spent awake by 8% compared to a queen bed. Bigger really is better. Who knew? (We all knew.)

What’s your preferred mattress comfort?

Much like everyone’s favorite home invader — Goldilocks — we all have a preference when it comes to our ideal sleep surface. Is it firm? Medium? Plush? You deserve to sleep on the bed that’s jussst right. Mattress Firm’s Sleep Experts® guarantee they’ll find that bed for you at the right price with their low price guarantee. They’ll even let you try it out for 120 nights free. That’s not a typo.

Could it be your pillow?

If you’ve started a sleep routine, got a mattress that matches your preferred sleep position, comfort, and size and you’re still getting Junk Sleep? It might be your pillow. Because while a high loft pillow is dreamy (get it?) for side sleepers, it’s not ideal for a stomach sleeper. Mattress Firm’s MattressMatcher™ can help you get better sleep for longer with a pillow that properly suits your needs.

But even if you’re on the right type of pillow, you might want to replace it anyway. Most experts recommend you get a new pillow after a year or two because — let’s be honest — old pillows are basically lumpy, misshapen allergy farms. Ew.

If you could use a little guidance as you ask yourself these questions, try the MattressMatcher™. With just a few easy responses about your sleep preferences, Mattress Firm can recommend a mattress and pillow combo that perfectly suits you. Besides, when you’re operating on Junk Sleep, you’re probably in no condition to handle anything more.