Staying In Shape Is Hard, But These 40 Clever Things Make It Surprisingly Easier

Make your workouts work for you.

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Even with the best of intentions, we’ve all been there — it’s near impossible to find the time to work out due to busy schedules and that thing we refer to as life. Work, family obligations, engagements with friends, traveling, and simply wanting to relax can all be reasons our health goals slip to the bottom of the list. Well, those goals just may slide on up to the top when you see these inventive exercise tools that can help you stay in shape with greater ease.

So many items on this list are also awesome because they’re compact and are great for people who are tight or limited on storage and workout space. And an added bonus with these collapsible pieces of exercise equipment? You can take them anywhere with you! Want to change up the scenery and take things outside? Do it. Traveling for work or just going on vacation? Keep up with your normal routine by bringing these with you.

While these exercise tools will definitely enhance your home gym, you may even find something that would make a great gift for a friend or your favorite workout buddy. And if you’ve been thinking about starting your health journey, this is your sign to take the leap and get that body moving!

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These Resistance Bands That Give Workouts Added Oomph

This three-pack of resistance bands is a simple yet effective way to kick your workouts up a notch or two. The inside of the bands are lined with a nonslip elastic that keeps them from sliding all over the place when in use. Each pack comes with a light, medium, and heavy resistance band, so you’ll have plenty of options to play with workout intensity.


A Ropeless Jump Rope For A (Quieter) Push Of Cardio

This cordless jump rope with weighted ends is an excellent fitness alternative to the traditional jump rope we grew up with. Even though there’s no rope connecting the handles, the weighted balls simulate the normal rotating motion as they move a full 360 degrees. One of the best things about this cordless jump rope is that you’ll never get your feet tangled or accidentally whip your ankles.


This Affordable Fitness Tracker That Monitors Your Activity Levels & More

This activity fitness tracker really gives you a bang for your buck with all the extra features that come with it. Where this specific tracker has others beat is its ability to maintain its battery life for up to 15 days off of a single charging session. You can also check out how well you are sleeping each night, heart rate, and even the oxygen levels in your blood.


A Reusable Water Bottle With Hydration Motivation

Keep your mind focused and committed to drinking water each day with this motivational reusable water bottle. Each sip you take gets you closer to meeting the goal of refilling the bottle as the positive sayings keep you on track. Aside from the encouraging phrases written on the outside, there are also different times of the day noted so you can work on drinking a set amount of water each hour.


This Set Of Exercise Posters For Inspiration (& Proper Form)

You can learn a wide variety of exercises for different types of workouts with this set of exercise posters. There are 10 posters in the pack, and each has illustrated diagrams ranging from stretching and yoga to kettlebell and stability ball workouts. Not only will you have a whole new world of exercises to explore, but you will also have instructions on proper form while doing the moves.


A Journal To Help Keep Yourself On The Road Toward Fitness

Plan your workouts and meals for the week with ease with this fitness journal and planner. If staying committed to your journey is important to you, taking the time to track what you do each day is a super helpful way to stay dedicated to short and long-term goals. There are pages to track daily workouts, types of exercises, lifting increases, and more.


This Balance Ball With Fitted Base So It Can Be Used As A Chair

Transform this yoga balance ball into a core-strengthening chair by simply setting it inside the inflatable base that comes with it. You also have the option to use the ball without the base, if you want to add an extra challenge. When fully inflated, the ball can hold up to 2,000 pounds.


A Mat Designed To Assist With Proper (& More Comfortable) Sit-Ups

Your core will feel and see the benefits of incorporating this abdominal exercise mat into your fitness routine. It’s designed to help you perform crunches, leg lifts, full sit-ups, and even to assist in stretching out your abdominal and back muscles. The 30-degree angle helps prevent possible injuries and provides support.


This Exercise Wheel For Easier & More Effective Ab Work

Your abs will definitely feel the burn when you use this roller wheel. It’s just over 3 inches wide, giving it a stable and smooth glide as you roll in and out. It also comes with a padded mat for knees so they are cushioned and supported while you work on your core. You may also enjoy that its compact design makes it easy to take with you.


These Workout Dice That Spice Up The Fitness Routine

Keep things feeling fresh and new with the help of this set of exercise dice. Each of three foam dice has six sides, just like a regular game version, however, there are different exercises on each side. Another showcases different lengths of time and reps. You can literally create a workout with zero effort on your part just by rolling. It can even be turned into a game with an exercise buddy!


A Kit That Turns The Pool Into A Gym

Take advantage of water resistance using this complete aquatic fitness set. In the kit, you get a set of dumbbells, gloves, an adjustable belt, as well as a manual with aquatic exercises in it. Because working out in water is low impact, it can be great for those with joint issues. It also is a great way to add extra resistance into your workout.


The Adjustable Step Platform That Adds An Extra Challenge To Workouts

Set this step-up exercise platform on its low or high level according to the intensity you’re looking for. The top side of the platform has a textured diamond surface that provides additional grip and stability when it’s being used, and you can choose from heights of 4 or 6 inches. The step platform is capable of holding up to 550 pounds.


A Stretching Strap To Help Loosen Muscles & Improve Flexibility

Incorporating this stretching strap into your warm-up and cool down routine is a great way to improve overall mobility and help prevent injuries. Keeping muscles limber and getting them stretched and moving before exercising can really help with your performance during workouts. The loops along the length of the strap allow you to use it to stretch out your legs, hips, back, shoulders, and arms.


This Thick & Cushy Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap

Easily tote this yoga mat with carrying strap wherever you want to practice. The mat itself is made with a nonslip material, so even if your hands get sweaty, you can maintain balance and stability during your flow. It is soft, flexible, and durable, so you have the ability to practice yoga in and outdoors.


This Set Of Knee Pads For Targeted Cushioning While Practicing Yoga

Keep your knee joints padded during yoga with the help of this set of two knee pads. Each pad is shaped like a flower with a divot in the middle to cradle and support your knees. You can also use them as support for wrists and elbows. They come with a travel bag and are compact so you can easily take them to class with you.


An Exercise Ring To Enhance Your At-Home Pilates Workouts

Take your Pilates practice to new levels when you incorporate this circular exercise ring. When including this exercise ring in the mix, you add resistance that helps tone and sculpt muscles. The dual-sided pads on the ring give you the option to do moves that are either pushing or pulling to use the power of resistance.


These Toeless Yoga & Pilates Socks With Nonslip Grips

Your feet will be able to maintain their flexibility and mobility while practicing yoga or Pilates with these toeless nonslip grip socks. The socks are made from a mix of recycled cotton, nylon, and spandex, so they are comfortable but will also last through lots of use. They quickly wick moisture away from your feet and help you maintain balance during your workout.


A Comprehensive (& Portable) Training Kit For Custom Workout Courses

This agility kit comes with basically everything you need to workout — anywhere. It includes a speed ladder, 20 drill cones, four adjustable hurdles, five resistance bands, a sturdy jump rope, and a running parachute. It all packs up into a tidy carrying bag so that you can take your workout to the park or gym when you’re ready for a change of scenery.


This Half-Dome Balance Ball To Add Bouncy Variety To Workouts

You’ll reap a wide range of benefits from using this half balance ball. There are two carabiners on the rim of the base so you can attach resistance bands to them and really up the game with this versatile tool. Aside from being excellent for improving strength and balance, this ball is also a great way to work on rehabilitating past injuries.


The Bluetooth Earphones Designed With Sportiness In Mind

Walking, running, dancing, and any form of movement can be paired with music, without the annoyance of a cord, thanks to these wireless Bluetooth earphones. They’re designed to fit over the top of your ear and snuggly inside the canal, so you’ll never have to worry about them falling or slipping out. There is a small cord that connects the earphones so you won’t lose them, however, it is short and goes behind your neck when wearing them.


An Armband For Your Phone For Easy, Hands-Free Toting

Secure your smartphone with this running armband for an easy-breezy way to listen to music (or podcasts, or phone calls) while you workout. It is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. There is a small loop to secure a headphones cord if you don’t happen to use wireless earbuds. Adjust the band to fit securely and comfortably around your arm with the Velcro closure.


This Ab-Toning Belt For A Stronger Core

Supplement your core workouts with this adjustable ab-toning belt, designed to help stimulate your abdomen with electrical pulses. You can choose from nearly 100 intensity levels and 10 workouts. Pair the belt with the included gel, and start by wearing it 30 minutes a day (then work your way up from there). Fans loved that it made their core feel stronger.


These Compression Sleeves For Extra Knee Support

Your knees will be supported and protected when you use these copper-infused compression support sleeves. If you happen to suffer from issues like arthritis, ligament damage, and joint pain, these sport compression sleeves help give you the supportive mobility you’ve been searching for to step into a more active lifestyle.


A High-Impact Sports Bra With Exceptional Support

These high-impact sports bras give you the best of both worlds with their amazing support and how comfortable they are. Made from a nylon and spandex combo, the elasticity and built-in support is great for a wide range of physical activities whether in or outside. The ventilation on the front side of the bra helps wick away sweat from the body, too.


These Slap Bracelet-Style LED Armbands To Keep You Safer At Night

Take after-sunset walks and runs with greater peace of mind while wearing these LED slap-on armbands. Each pack comes with four armbands, each with an included replaceable battery, so you can ensure you always have one on hand. There are four different modes: solid light, quick flashes, slow flashes, or off. It also comes it four color options.


An Instructional Deck Of Fitness Cards

Instead of Google-searching how to do a certain move or stretch at the gym, bring these compact fitness cards with you instead. You can create your own stretching routine with this complete deck of 50 fitness cards. Each card has a detailed illustration with instructions on how to perform each move. Amazon reviewers say these cards are like having your own “very inexpensive personal trainer.”


A Sturdy Foam Roller To Help Release All Muscle Tension

Leading an active lifestyle and working out on a regular basis means you need something to help soothe and release tension in your muscles — that’s where this textured foam roller comes in. The firm, textured surface of the roller provides increased blood flow to release the lactic acid of overworked and and strained muscles. Athletes from all backgrounds love the physical benefits they get from using this tool.


This Small & Soft Weighted Medicine Ball

This small but effective soft weighted toning medicine ball is an easy way to switch up some of your basic exercises you do on a regular basis. The ball itself is filled with sand, which provides the soft grip feeling when you hold onto it. You can order the ball in weights ranging from two to 10 pounds, depending on where you currently are in your fitness journey.


A 6-Pack Of Carabiners For Carrying Your Water Bottle & Keys Anywhere

Hiking is a great workout but it’s not so great when you run out of water halfway down the trail. Ensure you always have enough hydration on hand with these sturdy carabiner clips. You get six D-shaped clips in your order, and they can be used for everything from carrying your Hydroflask to your keys (so they don’t get left behind on the trail either).


A Set Of Breathable Headbands That Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Sweaty hair clinging to your skin will be a thing of the past with this set of 10 stretchy, athletic headbands. Each is made of a super soft, breathable, stretchy fabric with a touch of spandex, which helps retain elasticity through multiple uses. It also makes them lightweight and keeps sweat out of your face. There are 10 colors in the pack, so you have a ton of options for styling with your fit.


This Gym Bag With Multiple Compartments Perfect For A Fitness Lifestyle

Keep clean clothes fresh and separate from sweaty gear thanks to the multiple compartments in this pocketed gym bag. One of the pockets is specifically designed to hold your dirty, sweaty workout clothes. There is also a pocket so you can keep your shoes separate from your clothes, as well. The dimensions of the bag are sizable at 19 by 11 by 11 inches.


A Weighted Hula Hoop For Funner Core Activation

Work and tone your core muscles without doing the boring, routine crunches on the floor, and instead add some fun with this weighted hula hoop. The whole hoop weighs three pounds, so you’ll feel a burn and the extra effort your body is expending without going overboard on the weight. Each section of the hoop is also detachable, so you can break it down to store it away when not being used.


This Wooden Wobble Board That Helps Improve Balance & Strength

Take a more interesting route to balance and strength by incorporating this wooden wobble board into your workout routine. One of the best things about this tool is the fact that you can use it for standing and balance exercises just as easily as you can use it to make push-ups or planks more challenging. The board doesn’t tip more than 15 degrees to any side, ensuring muscles don’t get overstrained.


This Foot & Calf Stretcher For Really Getting In There

Being able to effectively stretch out feet and calves has never been easier than with this foot stretching strap. Feet are an often overlooked (and understretched) area of the body — getting a really good, deep stretch all the way down through the whole foot will help relieve tension from the heel and Achilles all the way up to the hamstrings and glutes.


An Extensive Pilates Kit That Can Go With You Anywhere

Practice Pilates wherever you happen to be with ease thanks to this portable Pilates bar kit. Included are three sets of resistance bands, which equate to lifting 15, 20 , or 30 pounds. There is also a video that will guide you through Pilates movements if you’re new to it or are just looking for some inspiration.


This Plastic Tumbler With An Electric Mixer For Tasty Protein Shakes

Make your favorite protein shakes on-the-go when you start using this electric mixing tumbler. By simply pressing the button on the base, this powerful mini mixer blends up your shakes in no time. It is so powerful you get a silky, smooth drink each time without having to deal with any unexpected lumps.


This Microwaveable Heating Pad That Can Also Serve As An Ice Pack

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits on your muscles and joints with this herb rice heating pad. Aside from being able to function as heat therapy, it also has the ability to be used as an ice pack if popped in the freezer. This is a great remedy for dealing with muscle and joint pain, as well as cramps. The natural herbs inside release a therapeutic aroma to increase the relaxing sensation, too.


These Adjustable Trekking Poles Perfect For Hiking & Trail Walks

Maintain your balance and stability while walking out in nature with the help of these adjustable trekking poles. The handles are made from cork, which helps keep your hands from getting sweaty while also providing cushioned support. There are loops that can go around your wrists if you want added stability. You can easily collapse the poles and attach them to your travel pack when not using them.


A Lightweight Travel Pack To Take On Outdoor Adventures

This lightweight travel pack is the perfect way to take what you need with you on hikes and while out camping. It is lined with nylon which helps keep the whole pack waterproof. When empty, the pack weighs less than a pound, yet it is designed to hold up to 40 liters in multiple separate compartments. There are also 11 color options and patterns available.


These Quick-Dry Cargo Joggers That Are Ideal For All Kinds Of Outdoor Activities

Keep legs protected from the elements while still having the ability to move around freely when you wear these lightweight cargo hiking joggers. There are two zipper pockets and Velcro-closure cargo pockets on each leg, and an extra zipper pocket on the right hip — clearly more than enough room to hold your phone, keys, and more. They have a tie waist with stretchy, fitted ankle cuffs for a sporty yet fashionable look.

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