This Self Care Advent Calendar Will Help You & Support Others

As well as getting a daily boost in the run up to Christmas, you'll pay for a counselling session for someone bereaved by suicide.

by Alice Broster
Originally Published: 
Courtesy of Suicide&Co

Festive season is edging ever closer which means your dark mornings will soon be made a little brighter with a little advent calendar surprise. Gone are the days when an advent calendar meant a small piece of chocolate. If you’re not a sweet tooth or fancy something different you have a wealth of options and this self-care advent calendar aims to put a smile on your face at a time of the year which can be quite stressful and isolating.

Due to the pandemic Christmas is likely to look a little bit different this year. Facing the festive season without the people who are usually there is tough. New charity, Suicide&Co understands the importance of feeling like you have someone there, especially throughout the winter months. They’ve launched a Christmas Self-Care advent calendar which will share supportive messages with you everyday reminding you how amazing you are in the run up to Dec. 25.

The online advent calendar is seriously aesthetically pleasing and shares some snippets to think about as well as words from mental health advocates like Oprah Winfrey and writer Matt Haig. It costs £25 and will be available on Suicide&Co website from Nov. 4 until Nov. 30.

The price of the advent calendar isn’t random either. You’ll be paying £1 a day for some encouragement throughout the 25 days running up to Christmas, but you’ll also have funded a counselling session for someone who has been bereaved by suicide.

Suicide&Co supports people who have lost loved ones to suicide. They’re a new charity and want to build a community so people in need know where to go for information, support, or therapy if they’d like it. By investing in yourself this festive season you could help out someone seriously in need.

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