The Pursuit of Wellness Podcast by Mari Llewellyn Is A Must-Listen For Women’s Health

Transform your life with The Pursuit of Wellness podcast by Mari Llewellyn.

Written by Hilary Tetenbaum
The Pursuit of Wellness podcast

If you’re into leveling up, hot girl walks, all the wellness hacks, or are just a girl looking to be a little (or a lot) more health conscious — this one’s for you. The Pursuit of Wellness Podcast by Mari Llewellyn has made its way to the top charts this year— trending next to some of the biggest names and best podcasts in the wellness space for good reason. It’s truly giving what it needs to give, or whatever the wellness girls are saying these days, and it’s a listen you’re sure to love.

Aside from being a self-built wellness icon who transformed her life after turning to fitness and prioritizing her physical health, podcast host Mari Llewellyn is a huge advocate for women’s wellness and mental health, is the founder of one of the biggest wellness brands in the world, and lets her followers in on everything she’s up to when it comes to her personal wellness. Whether it’s her extensive journey through dealing with acne, what biohacks she’s loving lately, or how many minutes she spent in the sauna that week, she’s truly for the girls and has created a podcast and platform that is exactly that. So, if you haven’t figured out what’s in it for you, you better get your notes app out, because the list is no small feat.

Starting with the obvious, The Pursuit of Wellness is a weekly show full of wellness hacks on wellness hacks, and I mean, why else would you be here? Each podcast episode feels like a 45-to-60-minute ride through finding all the answers you just couldn’t get to the bottom of when you went looking for them on TikTok. They cover practically any woman’s health topic you can think of — hormone healing, stress management, workouts, nutrition, microplastics, mental health — you get the picture.

The Pursuit of Wellness podcast

But the hacks aren’t just coming from some girl who decided to pick up a podcast mic. Besides being well-versed in wellness through her own journey and experiences, Llewellyn hosts nothing but experts in their field, doctors, founders, and the occasional friend or family member who speaks from raw experience and pure passion — and that might be exactly where the magic in this podcast lies.

Because not only is each episode a gem full of knowledge and education, it’s actually interesting and relatable, too. Maybe it’s Llewellyn’s cute English accent or the perfectly curated guests she has on weekly that bring so much spark and excitement into each conversation, but it’s impossible to walk away from an episode without feeling like you just had an encouraging and inviting convo with a few longtime friends.

Real talk, no one wants to hear a doctor or nutritionist spew confusing, boring information at them, but within each episode of The Pursuit of Wellness, Llewellyn finds a way to make it so fun, so interesting, and so exciting to pursue wellness, that you’re almost guaranteed to come out better than you started.

And that’s probably the exact reason she’s developed such a cult following, members of which she likes to call Powgirls — a community of normal, everyday women who are here for all the encouragement, advice, and wellness tips they can get to live healthier and happier lives.

At the end of the day, in a world that lacks so much authenticity and is dominated by men in almost every space, finding a woman who’s created a real community of other women who want to see you win is exactly who you might want to find yourself listening to.

If you’re ready to be absolutely addicted to becoming a better version of yourself, tune in to the latest episode of The Pursuit of Wellness on Apple Podcasts or Spotify every Monday and Thursday.

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