This Ingenious Toilet Paper Has A Textured And A Smooth Side

Toilet paper that saves trees — and your butt too.

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You know those inventions that are so simple yet so genius, you’re shocked that no one thought of it earlier?

Enter Bippy: the clever toilet paper that’s saving trees — and your butt too. Whereas two-ply toilet paper is the most common, Bippy’s toilet paper is three-ply for added softness. Perhaps the coolest thing about this TP is that it’s double-sided. There’s a smooth side for when you just need to dab yourself dry and a textured side for deep cleaning when, well, you need the help. It’s also fuzz-free, meaning there’s no lint left behind when you wipe.

This tree-free toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo, making it a more sustainable alternative to paper made from trees. And while slightly pricier than your usual grocery store names, this paper is on par with the costs of other bamboo-based brands. Not to mention, it looks pretty stylish in your bathroom.

Is Bippy Sustainable?

Fifteen percent of the world’s forest loss is due to toilet paper production alone, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Considering all the other products people use that require wood, that’s a lot of trees lost to toilet paper. Bippy’s toilet paper is made with 100% bamboo in line with the company mission to help save forests, one swipe at a time.

Bamboo is nature’s fastest-growing plant, which means it can frequently be reharvested. Because it regrows from a root system, it doesn’t require planting. Bamboo also requires little water and no pesticides or fertilizers, making Bippy a sustainable choice compared to traditional toilet paper. The brand also partners with Carbonfund to offset emissions and provide carbon neutral shipping.

What Other Features Does Bippy Have?

Rather than being wrapped in plastic, the rolls are wrapped in brightly colored paper that jazz up your bathroom. Bamboo’s durability means that the paper itself is made to be smooth yet strong enough to not poke through or leave behind lint when you wipe. The rolls are also fragrance-free and whitened using a chlorine-free process.

The brand’s website features a handy calculator that helps determine how much toilet paper you need based on the number of people in your household. From there, you can create a customized waste-free delivery schedule.

How Does A Bippy Subscription Work?

Once you’ve calculated how many rolls you need using Bippy’s calculator, you can subscribe to receive a savings of 15% on your order. You’ll get the rolls delivered to your door according to the delivery schedule you set, which also solves the problem of lugging a large package of toilet paper home from the grocery store. And if you want to change, pause or cancel your order at any time, you can do so.

The Reviews

With so many subscription services available nowadays, adding yet another automated expense can feel daunting. But sometimes, those services are worth it — particularly if you’re receiving a high-quality product you can’t get in stores and saving trees in the process. Below, three reviewers share what sets Bippy apart.

“At first, it was such a stark contrast in texture and roughness compared to my prior pillowy paper choices, but after about 2 rolls, I got used to it and have had zero issues in the skin tearing department ever since. It’s kind of amazing.I do still miss the super soft feel, but the benefits far outweigh that and I would find it hard to go back at this point. So, consider me a convert. That and now my bathroom looks extra cool with the adorable packaging and they’re so cheerful to look at.” — Stephanie H.

“I've been using Bippy for a year and I'll never ever go back to crappy grocery store TP! I tried another tree-free TP when we were in a pinch, and nothing compares. I am subscribing to Bippy, and I never subscribe to anything.” — Sarah M.

“I've been using Bippy for a little over a year, and it has been great. One less thing to worry about running out of or having to pick up at the store. Plus I like that I'm doing my part for the environment.” — Demetrio F.

Try Bippy

For toilet paper that looks better, wipes better, and helps reduce your impact, try Bippy and receive 20% off with the code BUSTLE20.

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