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Tinder Will Help You "Un-Ghost" An Old Match For Halloween

Want to revisit a blast from the past? The dating app's here to help.


Real talk: I'm someone who thinks ghosting is pretty damn gross, but I also acknowledge we've all done it once or twice in our dating histories, particularly on dating apps where there's lots going on. If you've lived with regret over that one time you accidentally phased someone out and wish you could get a second shot, there's some good news for you. Tinder's Halloween campaign allows you to 'un-ghost' a former flame, as they believe this time of year is spooky enough as it is! And everyone deserves a second shot, right?!

The dating app's ghosting graveyard may seem like a joke, but it actually has some pretty direct intentions behind it. We all have those matches on Tinder where the chat has somehow dried up, and if you're the one who ghosted, this may well help you revive things.

Those wishing to get things going again with a match they've ghosted can visit where they can follow some simple steps to "unghost someone and bring that dead chat back to life."

Simply enter your name and the name of someone you have ghosted, and select why you want to 'boo' them. You'll then be given a personalised ice-breaker (a boo) to send to your potential lover, which you can shuffle. When you've found one you're into, simply hit copy text, fire up Tinder, open your chat and click paste.

Examples of these 'boos' include Covid-related gags such as: "My disappearing act was so last month, now I'm tier to stay," as well as cultural references like: "We were just like Ross and Rachel - on a break."

While it's just a bit of fun, dare we live in hope that it may help some people actually get a second chance at love? The jury's out on this one.