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TikTok’s “Two-Date Theory” Is Saving Relationships

Setting intentions is key.

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TikTok's "Two-Date Theory" Is Saving Relationships — Here's What It Means
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Though it’s a necessary part of any relationship, making time for your partner isn’t always easy. Between work, friends, family, and daily routines, date nights can sometimes seem to be the first thing put on the back burner every time. Enter TikTok’s “Two-Date Theory,” which is helping couples meaningfully set aside time for one another, even amid the chaos of everyday life.

Get ready to start dating again. The adorable relationship tip began making its rounds on TikTok after a user named Rosie (@rosie.piper) introduced the “realistic monthly date concept” to the FYP on May 30. In the video, the creator explains that she and her partner of 10 years pick two days on the calendar each month that will have a date no matter what. To keep things feeling fresh, Rosie shares that she and her partner alternate the planning schedule.

Though the concept may seem easier said than done, you don’t have to go all out for these dates. According to the creator, one of the dates should be held at home, and the other can be out of the house, which means you can spend less time stressing about what you’re going to do and more time being present with your other half.

The “Two-Date Theory” is a great way to intentionally set aside time for your significant other instead of squeezing them into your busy schedule. Rosie admits that you’re probably going to spend more time than two nights a month hanging out with your partner, but what sets these dates apart from others is that you both made an active effort to focus all your energy on your relationship on that day. The intention behind these dates is what makes all the difference.

With over 452,000 likes and nearly 80,000 bookmarks as of Aug. 3, it looks like there are plenty of people eager to put the theory to the test. Not to mention, the video’s comment section is filled with tons of rave reviews, too. “We started doing this and it’s been so fantastic in helping us prioritize our relationship,” replied @housecatchaos. “We started doing this 2 months ago and it’s been a game changer,” shared @charlieandkoby. “It makes you feel so appreciated having someone plan something for you and really fills my acts of service love language. It’s also equally fun planning something he’ll love.”

If you’re looking for some date night inspiration, the couple behind the account @evan_and_marabel seems to have it all figured out. “We did salmon & paint night for our at-home date & then a Thai food picnic at our fav spot out of the house!” they wrote. So cute.

The point of these dates is not to outdo your partner’s plans or go over the top with activities. As long as you’re intentionally making time for one another and enjoying your partner’s company, you’re doing it right.

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