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This New Dating App Is Only Live On Thursdays

And it’s for a very good reason.

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After a year where dating has mostly taken place online, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit fed up with dating apps. So if you’re burned out by Bumble, at the end of your tether with Tinder, and having a hellish time on Hinge, you may be interested to know that a brand new dating app is about to enter the scene — and its fresh outlook on dating may just shake up your own mindset and motivation. Here’s what you need to know about dating app Thursday, from how it works to when you can sign up.

Around 95,000 people are already signed up to Thursday across London and New York — a pretty impressive feat for an app that’s not even launched yet. But what’s the big deal? Well, as its name suggests, the app is only active for one day a week: Thursday. You can only match and chat with potential love interests once a week, meaning dating apps will no longer take over your life.

The founders behind Thursday (two single guys living in London, who wish to keep a low profile), were motivated to develop their new project as most entrepreneurs usually are: through a desire to create something not already out there. “We are fed up with sitting on dating apps. Getting a match isn’t exciting anymore because of the time and effort involved in sparking a decent conversation which actually results in a date,” they tell me.

“We want to change the way people think about dating. There will be an atmosphere of excitement and an appetite for conversation and dates because all the dating app admin will happen on one day,” they add.

Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know about Thursday.

What Is Thursday And How Does It Work?


As mentioned, the app is only available to use on Thursdays. The goal of this is to reduce small talk (thank god) and increase the number of dates that actually happen. Users are encouraged only to use the app that day if they are free later on for a date. This accelerates the rate at which matches are made, conversations are had, and dates are actually organised. The founders of Thursday hope this will help cut “out all of the BS.”

“Sure, going on a date that day takes confidence, but the adrenaline and anticipation associated with making Thursdays your day to date, knowing thousands of other people are thinking the same thing, makes this irresistible,” they comment. “It’s all about the fear of missing out and spontaneous dating during our busy lives and it’s bloody refreshing.”

In terms of how the technology actually works, the app is like-based, as with most other dating apps. As well as photos, you can build a profile that features prompts to kick-start conversations, and add your hobbies and interest so others can tell if they will vibe with you, and vice versa. If you send a like to someone you fancy and they accept it, you can begin chatting (it works the other way ’round of course, too).

How Is It Different From Other Apps?

Of course, the biggest USP here is the one-day-a-week feature. Not only is this intended to accelerate things, it also aims to stop you spending too much of your precious time on dating apps. We’re all guilty of spending hours swiping, or hopping on when we’re bored, and this approach ensures nobody lets another dating app take over their life or too much of their headspace.

The founders of Thursday believe this will encourage only like-minded people — who are keen to actually go on dates and meet people — to come together. This is a dating app for people who are fed up of chatting for weeks on end with no IRL meet ups, where you can properly get to know someone and get a sense of whether there’s actually chemistry.

Another important factor of the app is that all stories, chats, and matches disappear at midnight every Thursday. Cinderella vibes, anyone?!

Lastly, Thursday promises that once IRL dating becomes more of a “thing,” they’ll be looking to put on some events for members of the app, where people can meet and connect more naturally.

How Will It Keep Women Safe?

I was most keen to know how the founders believed yet another dating app was going to actually benefit women, particularly in terms of keeping us safe. Most women are hyper-aware of our safety, so it’s important to know that a new dating app checks out and has our backs.

“Not only has the abundance of choice available on dating apps prompted a feeling of being just another profile amongst an endless stream of profiles and matches, but women are also feeling more unsafe than ever. They have lost their confidence when it comes to dating,” say the founders.

“We hope women will take comfort in our verification requirement; everyone who uses the app must verify their identity using a government-issued driving licence or passport. This means we will know exactly who is using the app at all times.”

Thursday also has a one-time report policy, where a member will be banned from using the app after just one person reports them. The app is also location-based, but a full location is never revealed, meaning you can feel safe in knowing prospective dates won’t ever know where you live.

“We know how important a safe community is and we want women to be able to enjoy the romance and spontaneity the app offers whilst feeling safe and supported.”

When Is It Launching And Where?


Thursday is initially launching in London and New York. The launch date has been pushed back several times due to coronavirus restrictions, but now looks set to go ahead in April. It will then go live in other European cities by June (including Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam). Other major UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dublin are currently queued, but hopefully will be live around May.

You can find out more and check for updates by following @thursdaydating on Instagram. Once you’ve followed, you can check out how to sign up ahead of the launch in the highlighted stories.

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