It’s no secret that female athletes are just as talented as their male counterparts, but it’s also no secret that women’s sports leagues don’t get nearly the same press or attention. So when the WNBA came to us for a campaign centered around their brand relaunch, we set out to build a platform that showcased the league and its players as socially and culturally active members of their communities.

“The Road To Rule Breakers” is a custom program that leverages Bustle’s editorial Rule Breakers platform, which celebrates boundary-breaking women. By placing the WNBA at the center of the action, Bustle was able to highlight the WNBA’s community-centered brand pillars and build an authentic connection between the league and their change-making audience.

Bustle kicked off our campaign by honoring the WNBA as the first-ever corporate Rule Breaker among a class of game-changing women.

From there, we created reported features that not only highlighted the league's skills on the court, but also shined a light on the social issues that the WNBA and its players are proudly standing behind.

Then, we took things offline. Starting with the moment guests arrived at our celebration of trailblazing women, they walked through the WNBA's “hall of game” that celebrated the power of women. Between social-worthy photo ops, and even some surprise guests, our attendees were reintroduced to a league that's as bold and progressive as they are.