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5 Chic Holiday Gifts From Businesses That Lift Women Up

By Suzanne McKenzie

The only better feeling than receiving a thoughtful gift is opening something that you know also benefits a good cause. In the midst of the holiday craziness, it can be so easy to trudge through your annual shopping list, with little or no regard to the impact (or lack thereof) that your purchase is making on others.

That's why this year, I resolved to start making an effort to shop businesses whose practices I not only believe in, but that inspire me by their quests to make the world a better place.

And when it comes to improving the world around us, a great place to start is helping improve the lives of women. Whether it be through donations, employment programs, or artisan partnerships, there are tons of businesses out there that use their resources to uplift women.

To make giving better easier than ever this year, Bustle teamed up with PayPal to find gifts for your best gals, all of which (bonus!) come from businesses that give back to women in all kinds of incredible ways. So go ahead and skip the coffee gift cards and the stale fruit cake this year, and instead keep scrolling so you can surprise your fave lady with a gift she'll love the meaning behind just as much as she loves the gift itself.

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