Is This The Ultimate Relationship Test?

What is the biggest leap of faith you've taken in a relationship? Letting her pick the restaurant? Having him meet your parents? How about describing your boyfriend's penis to a stranger to draw for an Internet video while you sit there rethinking everything you've ever done? Because that's what a group of people just did. Distractify had women describe their boyfriends' penises to a police sketch artist, who did his best to recreate them. And it is just as awkward as you imagine it is. With disagreements over girth, insistence that "It is like that," and one women having to break it to her boyfriend that his balls are not the "avocados" he imagines them to be (why would you want them to be like that?), it's definitely worth a watch. I have to say that they all did better than I expected. But then again, all the penises came out pretty ... well, pretty, so maybe the girls were being nice, or we just had a lucky group.

I would highly recommend you watch the video, if only for some of the amazing body language between the couples, and from the men watching and trying to act cool but obviously dying inside.

Take a look this poor man watching his girlfriend describe how he ... hangs:

Or watch the most resigned man in the world — just sitting, waiting for his fate to be determined:

And of course, at the end, the men had to try it on for size:

Looks like a pretty good fit, right? I mean, as far as these things go. I have no idea what it's supposed to look like, but one ball looks way bigger than the other, so I'm going to take that as a win for accuracy. If you want to watch the whole thing (and you should, because cringing and awkwardness is the best), you can check it out here:

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Images: DistractifyVideo/YouTube