Hear Disclosure & Sam Smith's Future Hit "Omen"

On Monday, British dance act Disclosure premiered "Omen," their much-anticipated new single with Sam Smith. When the talented duo (made up of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence) previewed the "Omen" music video last Friday, I wondered if the song would be able to achieve the same amount of commercial success as their last Smith collaboration, "Latch." At the time, I didn't feel as though I'd heard enough of the track to make a prediction, but now, it's clear that it has loads of hit potential. I suspect many listeners will relate to Disclosure's "Omen" lyrics, which seem to tell a cautionary tale about taking someone's love for granted. Smith's vocals on the funky floor-filler are absolutely sublime, to boot.

On "Omen's" first verse and pre-chorus, Smith sings:

I'm feeling something

Something different

When you left, I appeared to change

I was blinded

I'd not envisioned

The same face in a different frame

It's an omen

Caught my baby crying, saw the silver lining

It must be an omen

Needed you to show me without you I am lonely

Smith says he was "blinded" when his partner left him — he didn't see it coming. However, looking back, he can read the signs clearly. On the chorus, he laments:

My mind would rule my heart

I didn't pay attention to the light in the dark

It left me torn apart

But now I see your tears are an omen



Despite its sad lyrics, "Omen" will definitely make you want to get up and dance. It's got an irresistible groove — just another reason why I think the tune is destined to be big. What a delightful Monday treat.

"Omen" serves as the lead single from Disclosure's upcoming new album, Caracal (due out Sept. 25). You can pre-order Caracal on iTunes now.

Image: DisclosureVEVO/YouTube