All The Pranks Margo Pulls In 'Paper Towns'

One of the coolest things about book-to-movie adaptations is getting to see how many elements of the original work make it into the big-screen version. Some films are practically identical to their literary inspirations (the first Harry Potter, anyone?) while others decide to totally ignore the book and create an entirely new story, instead (see The Scarlet Letter, starring Demi Moore. Or actually, don't). Others, like the just-released Paper Towns , are a happy mix, sticking (mostly) to the source material while branching out when needed. A prime example? All the pranks pulled in Paper Towns by Margo. Although the general idea is the same in both versions, the specifics of Margo's revenge takes on a different form in the movie than in the book.

They're still all so much fun to watch, though. The Paper Towns movie may have made some changes from the book's take on the pranks, but regardless, seeing Q and Margo race through town, enacting revenge on their enemies, is highly entertaining. From Saran wrapping cars to pulling off eyebrows (that's painful just writing), here are all the pranks played by Margo in the Paper Towns movie compared to their depictions in the John Green novel.

Prank #1: Locking Jace's Steering Wheel

This happens in both the book and movie. Margo uses a bar to lock the steering wheel in Jace's car, the first step in her revenge plot against her cheating ex-boyfriend.

Prank #2: Calling Becca's Dad

In the book, it's Q who makes the call to Becca's dad, altering him to his daughter's basement hookup. In the movie, the call is still made, but it's Margo who does the talking.

Prank #3: Taking A Photo Of A Very-Naked Jace

The only real difference between the two versions of Q snapping a photo of Jace running out of Becca's basement? In the movie, he's not wearing his boxers.

Prank #4: Leaving A Fish In Becca's Room

The movie leaves out Q and Margo taking all of Jace's clothes, like they do in the book. But it does include the most important part of the prank, which is leaving a dead catfish in Becca's room as a symbol of their ruined friendship. In the book, Margo also leaves fish for Jace and Lacey, but only Becca gets the honor in the Paper Towns film.

Prank #5: Saran Wrapping Lacey's Car

This happens in both versions, although the novel also has Margo making the insides of Lacey's car smell like the dead fish it contains.

Prank #6: Taking Off Chuck's Eyebrow

This prank happens earlier in the movie than in the book, but it's just as hilarious. A small difference is that the film has Q terrified of removing Chuck's eyebrow while he sleeps, while his book self is more than happy to do it.

Prank #7: Spreading Vaseline On His Door Knob

Happens in both versions, but more painful to witness in the movie.

Prank #8: Sneaking Into The SunTrust Building

The movie's final prank is far from the last in the book (in that version, Q and Margo end their night by breaking into SeaWorld). The film's depiction of it is the best of the two, thanks to a poignant dance scene on a high SunTrust floor that's missing from the book.

Not bad for a couple of high school kids, eh?

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