Are You Hooking Up With A Keeper?

by Liz Newman

You know how in the movies when it shows two people having sex, and they totally fall in love at first thrust, before they go on to live a long happy life together? Well, that's not really how it works in the real world at all. In reality, having sex with someone for the first time can be extremely awkward. It's like when you purchase a new car and you have to take it for a few test spins before you're sure it's the one — naturally, everyone "handles" differently.

And then there's the inevitable fact that when you first start dating someone, you're more than likely trying to read the signs he or she gives off to gauge the answer to the ultimate question: How does this person feel about me?

Next time you're trying to solve this riddle, remember this very important fact: Action speaks louder than words. Yes, I said action, as in getting some action — as in sex. Seriously, pay special attention to the habits of your partner between the sheets; you can actually learn a lot about someone's feelings towards you based on his or her bedroom behavior.

In fact, if one of these seven things happen, there's a very good chance you are sleeping with a — wait for it! — keeper.

And either way, at least the quest to discover this is always fun.

1. There's A Lot Of Eye Contact

There's a reason this is a cliche. It's just true. If someone willingly averts their eyes from boobs, butt, or some other exposed body party to look deep into the other persons' eyes (more than once!) this is a good sign.

This person wants to see you being pleasured, and is interested in forging a deeper, more intimate connection than just the act of sex. If they brush your hair out of your eyes to look at you, just try to keep your heart from actively exploding.

2. Determination To Reach The End Goal

It's a simple equation: if someone is into you, he or she wants you to get off. No matter what it takes. The best part? It's because he or she just wants to see you in pure bliss. That's all there is to it.

Beware the selfish sex-ers who make it all about themselves, and conveniently roll over once they reach climax. They're likely not in it for the long haul, or probably much longer than morning sex if we're being brutally honest.

3. He Or She Is Relaxed

If you can cut the nervous energy with a knife, it's safe to say this person isn't entirely comfortable around you yet.

But if this person is walking around naked as they make a post-sex snack for you two to enjoy in bed (still naked, of course) while watching TV — then, score! You've made it.

4. Kissing, Kissing. Oh Yeah, And More Kissing

Let me clarify: this isn't to say doggy-style, rough sex, or any of the above means this person is not into you, because if that was the case, well, sex would be a lot more boring. That said, if during the act, he or she kisses you a lot, that's positive; this can be on the shoulder, back, anywhere on the body — not just the lips (but that's clearly not a bad sign, either).

Extra bonus points for top of the head kisses, also known as the one of the most intimate kisses in the game.

5. Experimental Behavior

Is this person up to try new things on the bedroom? Does he or she just want to have fun with you, whether this means role playing, handcuffs, and/or an impromptu naked pillow fight? Odds are he or she is into you. Going back to the comfort level, both males and females will want to try more and more things in the sack with someone they're feeling not just physically, but emotionally.

6. Sleeping Habits

For once on this list, I don't mean sleeping with, I mean actual sleeping. This may be one of the best ways to tell if someone is into you. And no, we don't just mean if you are "cuddly sleepers" like Ross and Rachel.

This can be determined by just how well you really snooze with this person. If you sleep like a rock, you're clearly comfy in all accounts; or if you pass out after a sex-a-thon and wake up with your legs intertwined, then you may just be swooning over each other.

7. Post-Coital Touching

For a girl, this can mean her stroking your back, or a guy, playing with a girl's hair. But those intimate connections when you're cuddling post-getting busy are extremely telling and can mean more than the act itself. It means this person just wants to touch and be near you you in some physical way, whether you're doing the deed or not.

And what's more romantic than that?

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