10 Signs Someone Likes You More Than A Friend

Does she like me? What are the signs he likes me more than a friend? Dating is confusing enough without throwing friends in the mix. But sometimes that's just what happens — starting out as friends can lead to a great relationship, since there's already such a solid foundation in place. Friendships can enter a gray area that is almost impossible to decipher. Friends for a long time, perhaps one person begins to pursue the friendship a little harder. Maybe they get a little extra goofy or giggly when you're around. Perhaps they ask you to hold their hand at a scary movie, or on a roller coaster, or just while walking down the street on a sunny spring day.

Or maybe you make what appears for all intents and purposes to be a new friend, but a month or two in, you realize that this might be something more. And then you're totally puzzled and unsure and turn to analyzing their actions, because you don't know them quite well enough to just come out and ask what their intentions are with your heart. (By the way, it's totally fine to do just that, if you're comfortable with putting it all out there.) As such, here are 10 clues that your friend might be crushing on you.

1. They light up whenever you’re around

If you walk in the room and they’re afire like a little jack-o-lantern, they might be seriously crushing on you. TBD, but just sayin’.

2. They want to hang out all the time

If they constantly ask if you want to see a film at the indie cinema, or if you'll be their date to check out the new taco place, or if you want to hit the farmers’ market on Sunday, it’s possible you’re really, really good friends. But it’s also possible they have something more in mind.

3. They want to hang out late at night

This one is pretty obvious. If you’re getting a “What are you doing?” text from this guy or gal at 10 p.m. a few times a week, they just might be hoping to take things to the next level.

4. They like to cook for you

Perhaps they’re just showing off their knife skills. But if coq au vin and bananas Foster is on the menu tonight, they might be hoping to show off a little more than their knife skills, if you know what I mean.

5. They like to cuddle

“Let’s watch a movie” comes out of their mouth often, followed by snuggling up. And they regularly pick three-hour movies. And fall asleep in your bed.

6. They talk about their dating strategy

If they play themselves up to be an awesome date, they might be trying to drop some hints. If your friend spends an hour describing every gory detail of their most recent date, from where they went to what the goodnight kiss was like, they might be using some of their talents of storytelling for your benefit.

7. They like to talk about sex

Discussing one’s sex life could be a way to let you know they're interested. In case you were wondering.

8. They buy you little presents

Maybe he brings a cupcake from your favorite bakery. Or she picks up a notebook from that shop you love downtown. Whatever the case may be, if they shower (or sprinkle) you with gifts, they might be looking for a way to communicate how they feel about you.

9. They use excuses to touch you

Perhaps you mention how sore your shoulders are from a long week, and they immediately sweep in to give you a back rub. That’s an obvious one, but there are also subtler ways to initiate touch. In a long conversation, do they reach out and touch your arm to underline a point? Little nonverbal signals are worth noticing in these situations.

10. They give you compliments

Does this person always jump to tell you how beautiful you look? Or do they pay you compliments that have nothing to do with your looks, telling you how amazing that song you wrote is, or how much they love your new painting? If your friend is constantly trying to build you up, you have a good friend. And if they do all of these things at once, or at least an ample handful, they might be hoping for a little more than friendship.

Images: Leo Hidalgo/Flickr; Giphy