Shawn B. Is The Worst Option For Kaitlyn On 'The Bachelorette,' & Here's Why

Monday is the night we've all been waiting for... will Kaitlyn's journey as the Bachelorette end with Shawn B. proposing or Nick proposing? Or neither? Or both! (Fingers crossed she doesn't let the rejected guy get all the way to a proposal. That would be brutal.) Some root for Shawn for one reason, he's not Nick. But I'm not sure that makes Shawn the best person for Kaitlyn, either. Certain things that have happened throughout the season that makes me question the compatibility between Kaitlyn and Shawn. Sure, there's obviously a lot of emotions there — perhaps more on his end than hers — but when the cameras stop rolling, I don't know if Shawn B. would be a great option for Kaitlyn.

Don't get me wrong, I love Shawn. I'd actually love for him to get a chance to be the Bachelor, since this time around I think there were a lot of emotional issues that just didn't work in his favor (he's an emotional guy! You can't blame him.) Since the very beginning, Shawn stood out (hello, first impression rose), but as feelings progressed and "the other guy" joined the cast, Shawn and Kaitlyn have gone through a rather turbulent relationship. It is really by no fault of their own, but the facts are still there... if there's already worries of trust and jealousy before the show is over (a show that promotes dating 25 men at one time, so it shouldn't have been surprising), then what does that mean for the future of their relationship?

He Has Jealousy Issues

Probably one of the biggest issues between Shawn and Kaitlyn is Shawn's jealousy issue. If Shawn and Kaitlyn were to end up together, there's really no knowing what type of jealousy could come out of it. And something tells me Kaitlyn is not going to put up with it.

He Also Has Trust Issues

Shawn doesn't seem to believe Kaitlyn can make decisions that are best for her. That could be detrimental for the two if they were to end up together. Kaitlyn has proved she is a grown woman who stands by her decisions, and if her fiancé is not standing behind her or questioning her, they won't last.

He Gets In His Head Too Much

I'm rooting for Shawn in life, but I worry that if he and Kaitlyn end up together, everything that happened during the show (like any type of friendship with Nick that trickles into their post-show life) will make him get worked up and overwhelmed. He got in his head a lot during the season, and even though Shawn probably thinks Nick is the enemy, I think Shawn might be his own worst enemy.

He's Been Unfair To Kaitlyn

Shawn has asked Kaitlyn to all but confirm she was in love with him and going to pick him one week when he had a mini-meltdown. Asking Kaitlyn to reveal her feelings seemed unfair of Shawn to ask, and really boils down to the trust issues.

He May Be Too Serious

Kaitlyn loves to have fun, and I'm not sure if we're just catching Shawn in the most stressful experience of his life or not, but he needs to lighten up more if he wants to last with Kaitlyn.

Then again, maybe Shawn and Kaitlyn can get beyond all of this silly show drama and become a very successful couple in terms of communication. On the flip side, we could get Shawn as the Bachelor if things don't work out.

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