New One Direction Song "Never Enough" Leaks & If It Really Is Their Latest Tune, Their Fifth Album's Gonna Be Great

Crack out those headphones, Directioners! A snippet of what is said to be a new One Direction song leaked, and it's the first new music since Zayn Malik left the band. The clip is reportedly from a track called "Never Enough," a title that's way too appropriate, given that 30 seconds is nowhere near enough when it comes to new One Direction music.

Unfortunately, the sound in the snippet isn't too loud, which is why I recommend you grab your headphones before putting it on repeat. As one fan pointed out, the lyrics appear to be: "I don't need my love/ You can take it/ You can take it/ I don't need my heart/ You can wreck it/ You can break it."

The Internet has yet to declare whose vocals we're hearing on the track, although J-14 surmises that the falsetto comes courtesy of Liam Payne. (This makes Malik quitting even sadder, as he's known for hitting a lot of the glory notes.) Either way, you definitely need to check out the "Never Enough" snippet in the video below.

While only 30 seconds long, the clip hints at what we can expect from One Direction's upcoming fifth album, which is slated to drop later this year. Musically, it sounds like the band is continuing to evolve into a more mature sound. This clip seems to veer toward the earthier, rock sound that we heard on Four.

Earlier this summer, Harry Styles talked about the new album with Entertainment Weekly, saying, "It carries a slightly new identity, but I think it’s an obvious change from [Four] in a positive way. We’ve branched out and worked with different writers, and we’ve got some great songs!"

Styles also spoke with Ryan Seacrest about writing the fifth album, explaining, "The creative process — it’s very similar to be honest. But it was cool how some of the things came out sounding because actually there was a lot of parts that kind of needs to get written with Zayn in mind and with all of us in mind. It’s great, the new stuff sounds good so far I think? I hope. So we hope that people like it."

Hearing (most likely) Payne nail that falsetto definitely calls to mind Malik's musical abilities, so it's easy to understand what Styles meant. However, the guys seems to be playing to their strengths: emotional lyrics and solid harmonies. With no official release date, fans can only hope that we'll hear "Never Enough" when the fifth album drops by the end of 2015.