One Direction Appears Without Zayn At The Billboard Music Awards & Fans Can Rest Easy That The Band Is Doing Just Fine

It's clear that the world still isn't used to seeing One Direction appear without former member Zayn Malik. When it was announced that One Direction would be at the Billboard Music Awards, their first award show appearance since Malik said that he was leaving the band, it's only natural that the whole world would have their eyes on them. I mean, it's like trying to sit on a chair with only three legs. It's possible, but it is a good idea? Is it even still a chair? Well, apparently the answer to both of those questions is yes, because, when One Direction hit the red carpet, one of the first things that they addressed was Malik's absence.

There was a lot of potential for awkwardness here. First of all, there's the glaring, gigantic pink elephant in the room, and its name is Zayn Malik Isn't Here. However, Malik was the quietest member of One Direction prior to his exit so, while the dynamic of four boys instead of five just seems weird, it might be easy to miss him. Second of all, Tomlinson and Malik had a feud only a short week ago and, although Tomlinson assured James Corden on The Late Late Show that the whole thing had been resolved, that just put even more eyes, and pressure, on the band for this appearance to go off without a hitch.

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But, once again, the band was quick to assure everyone that everything would be carrying on as usual. "I think, obviously, it's a difficult thing to talk about. But everything's all fine now. We're all good with him, he's good us sort of thing," said Liam Payne. "He left for his own reasons, and he's doing his thing now. So, you've got to do what you've got to do, but the awards, one of the awards we're winning tonight is also for him, so he's sharing the experience with us even if he's not here."

D'awww, I hope you have a packet of tissues handy. Fans who are nostalgic about the days when this foursome was a fivesome will surely be fortified by that heartwarming sentiment that the awards that One Direction are winning at the BBMAs are awards that belong to the entire band — not to the band-without-Zayn-Malik. But how long does the band plan to be a band without Malik? They've been going through so many awkward times that a break up might be on the horizon... or not.


"We're not breaking up. We're having too much fun. We're making a record at the moment, we're going on more tours, and we're coming out to the states in July so, we're looking forward to it," said Niall Horan. "It's all good." So, any Directioners who are living in constant fear that the lack of Malik can only last for so long before the whole band decides to go its own separate ways can rest easy, because One Direction isn't going anywhere. And, apparently, they will say that as often as they need to say it in order for the world to get that.

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