15 Tom Hiddleston Marvel Memes You Need In Your Life, Because Loki Is Just The Best

I think we can all agree that a travesty occurred when Joss Whedon cut Tom Hiddleston out of Avengers: Age Of Ultron before its theatrical release in May of 2015. Now that the Avengers: Age Of Ultron DVD and Blu-Ray release date has been announced for September 8 and October 2, 2015 respectively, we can all collectively hope and pray that Hiddleston's fan favorite villain Loki will make an appearance in the promised "45 minutes of exclusive content." But until those days arrive, why don't we satisfy our overzealous appetites with some Tom Hiddleston Marvel memes?

Loki is definitely one of the best characters that has come out of the Marvel film franchise. No offense to Thor — or to most of the Avengers, for that matter — but Loki is just so much more entertaining. Though his plan was severely flawed, I truly believe Loki's mere presence is what made the first Avengers film so damn good. Plus, let's state the obvious fact here: Hiddleston is crazy beautiful, and he clearly has such a fun time playing the role. (Who remembers when Hiddleston showed up at San Diego Comic-Con in full Loki garb?) So while we all sit around and imagine what scenarios would bring Loki back onto the Avengers radar, let's take a moment of break to really appreciate Loki and his passionate, wonderful fandom with these perfect memes.

The Dangers Of Fandom

This would be accurate in real life.

Staring Contest

The cat would lose.

Can't Help But Feel Bad For The Guy

Post-Hulk smash, during his existential crisis.

The Avengers Really Are Mean Girls

All you had to do was save him a seat, guys.

A Twisted Kind Of Rudolph

Everyone processes bullying differently.

Don't Get Loki'd

Can this happen in the films?

Loki Moonlights As Magic Mike

Can this happen in real life?

Loki's "Cunning Plan" Face

He really has no poker face when it comes to his brilliant plans.

Enough With The Thor Puns!

Someone's getting a little jealous...

Loki's Identity Crisis

Hiddles has tried on so many hats.

What? Loki Really Likes Pudding, OK?

Maybe Thor steals his food all the time. I could see that happening.

DJ Loki

I'd pay top dollar to get into the club where he's working.



The Best Life Ruiner Ever

Thirsty anyone?

Most Accurate Meme Ever

Absolute truth. Period.

Image: Marvel/Walt Disney Pictures