Tom's "Hello Darling" is the New "Hey Girl" Meme

With as nice a guy as he is, I'm not surprised that Tom Hiddleston has his own Ryan Gosling-type meme. While Gosling has the infamous "Hey Girl" pictures, Hiddleston has "Hello Darling," and his British brand of gentlemanliness will totally inspire you to conquer life's obstacles. Most of the images come from the aptly-named Tumblr blog Hiddleston Hello Darling. The pictures are almost guaranteed to make you smile, even on your worst days.

It makes sense that Hiddles' own nice-guy meme would feature the word "darling." He's fond of calling everyone from his co-stars to his fans that word, and it makes him seem even nicer. Who can resist a man who says, "hello darling, how are you?" when you meet him at a press event, or replies "of course, darling," when you ask for an autograph at a film premiere?

I knew that Hiddleston's own words were motivational, but it turns out just his face is inspirational too. When paired with an encouraging sentence or two, his visage can cheer you up no matter what you have going on. So sit back, and let Hiddleston be your daily pick-me-up from whatever your life troubles may be.

For When You're Down on Yourself

Hiddleston believes in you.

When You're Procrastinating

I'm all kinds of motivated now.

When You Need a Boost of Self Confidence

You know what? He's right. I am awesome. Thanks T. Hiddles!

When You Need a Sweet Treat

No judgement here. You eat that ice cream, girl.

When Graduation Time Rolls Around

Go you!

When You Fall Down

It's motivational and a science lesson all in one!

When You Wake Up

Now go out and conquer the day!

When You Need to Take a Break

You can do this.

When You Need to Keep Moving Forward.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

When You're Deciding Between Netflix and That New Book

Netflix will still be there for you when you're done.

When You're Beating Yourself Up

Stop that.

When You Have a Bad Day

And even if it's not, at least you have Hiddleston on your side.

When You're Nervous to Travel

On point.

When You Need Some Marilyn Monroe Advice

Technically she never said that "if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" quote, but still. The Internet thinks she did and that's good enough for me.

When You're Debating Dessert

Pretty much.

When You're Hating on Yourself

The most important team to be on is your own.

When You Need to Face the Day

Hiddles says so, and therefore it's law.

When You're Shopping

That reasoning is good enough for me!

When You're Feeling Dumb

Intelligence is sexy.

When You Need to De-Stress

Totally worked.

When You're Feeling Sad

Or just watch Tom Hiddleston dance. That works too.

When You Make it Through One Day

Absolutely an achievement worth recognizing.

When You're Doing That Adult Thing

If nothing else, feel proud that you're taking care of yourself all on your own.

When You're Feeling Lazy

Tom loves you anyway.

When You're Interviewing for a Job

If only.

When You Need a Creative Compliment

Thank you, thank you.

When You Want to Smash the Patriarchy

Feminist Hiddles is right there with you.

When You're Sad That You Don't Have a British Accent

I'm still kind of sad I don't have one, but way less so.

When Finals Roll Around


When It's That Time of the Month

With Hiddleston's help, you can make it through the pain.