19 Memes Only 'PLL' Fans Will Understand

There's rarely anyone who considers themselves a "casual" Pretty Little Liars fan. It makes perfect sense: this show is a huge commitment! The show is currently in its sixth season, and we still have no idea who is the person in the black hoodie — because while we may know that his real name is Charles DiLaurentis, we have no clue what identity he's currently living under in Rosewood and won't find out until the Season 6 finale when we come face to face with A. If there's one thing that will forever bond Pretty Little Liars fans, it's the constant frustration of getting oh-so-close to the answers — only to have the show pull us in a complete opposite direction. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way: the more the show stretches out this mystery, the more episodes of Pretty Little Liars to obsess over.

Of course, our questions about A aren't the only thing that connects fans of this twisty little drama. Pretty Little Liars fans have plenty of inside jokes that only fellow superfans could possibly understand. There are so many internet memes created for the Pretty Little Liars obsessed, and if there's one thing that bonds the fandom, it's poking fun at all of the amazingly ridiculous things about the series we all love so much.

From Sara Harvey to Charles DiLaurentis, here are the Pretty Little Liars memes that will leave fans howling:

1. When The Meme Provided Proof That Ezra Fitz Makes No Sense

None of my high school teachers were this good looking, which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing.

2. When The Real Red Coat Is Finally Revealed

Wait... so does this make Simon Black Veil?

3. When A Meme Reminded Us To Question Emily's Season 1 Choices

Because taking Maya to prom would have caused a lot less issues than taking "may have killed Ali" Toby.

4. When Tyra Said Exactly What You Were Thinking About The #BetrAyal


5. When Taylor Swift Was Just As Frustrated As You Are

Because I'm pretty sure we all get drunk on having no freakin' clue who A really is.

6. When Someone Called Out The Name Of The Season

More like "Summer of Questions," amirite?

7. When Math Came Into Play

You shouldn't need a degree in physics to figure out this equation.

8. When Fans Were In A Cloud Of Confusion

If you won't tell me who Charles is, I'd like to know who we're definitely not looking for.

9. When We're Forced To Remember The Whole "Paige Almost Drowned Emily" Thing Again

Oh, yeah. That.

10. When Taylor Swift Had More Questions

If only Mrs. DiLaurentis was there to talk instead of lurk.

11. When Toby's Heart Was Frozen

Will be dying over this Photoshop job for days.

12. When Sara Was Going Through Her Shower Phase

Hence the nickname "Shower Harvey."

13. When Aria's Mom Suddenly Got Way More Suspicious

Mind officially blown.

14. When We Were Reminded Of Garrett's Humble Origins

And no one trusted him then either.

15. When Your List Of Suspects Was Getting Ridiculous

Because really, there's a small army of people that could still be Big A.

16. When This Missed Opportunity Happened

I can't be the only one who yelled at Spencer through my TV, right?

17. When Ezra Was Basically Scumbag Steve

This was actually ridiculously uncool, just sayin'.

18. When You Felt Your Life Slowly Slipping Away The More You Watched

But really, these girls would look so fierce as grannies.

19. When We Were At The Mercy Of The Showrunner

But we love her anyway.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family