Charles Might Go After His Dad Next On 'PLL'

Finally, the Liars have figured out what the rest of us have known, well, basically forever: Charles DiLaurentis is alive on Pretty Little Liars, but someone else may not be for long. At the beginning of the episode, Kenneth found a birthday card that clearly upset him, but we didn't see its contents until the very end of the episode. In the meantime, Mona told the Liars what Lesli knew about Charles, which confirmed that he is alive (I mean, come on guys), while Mr. DiLaurentis started developing his own suspicions about his son's supposed death. Then in the last few seconds, we saw that the birthday card was from Charles, featured a menacing message, and lead Kenneth to start digging up that Charles grave, as someone in black gloves looked on. Does this mean what I think it does? Is Charles going to kill Mr. DiLaurentis? I believe we just saw Kenneth digging his own grave.

We already know Charles is capable of killing, or at least attacking, his own family members. He's the top suspect for killing Mrs. DiLaurentis, almost certainly the one who hit Ali with a rock "that night," and dropped Jason down an elevator shaft. He was sent to Radley in the first place for trying to drown Ali as a baby. Why would Kenneth be the only DiLaurentis safe from Charles' torture? The birthday card also shows that A is ready to go after his own father, just look at the cryptic threat contained within its message.

A party to die for? Just you? I think Kenneth did exactly what Charles wanted by digging up that grave at Aunt Carol's house. He's alone in a secluded location where Charles can kill him, bury him, and get back to planning whatever he has in store for the Liars. And now that we know Charles is definitely alive, and in Radley more recently than we thought, could he actually be Wren? The video below shows just how likely that is.

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Image: ABC Family