7 Vegan Lipsticks For Cruelty Free Beauty And An Awesomely Colored Pout

My mom keeps reminding me that "back in the day" it was really hard to be vegan. In her twenties, her vegan friends would have to soak their own chickpeas and there wouldn't be a chance in hell of them finding a vegan lipstick, let alone any other vegan beauty products.

My, how things have changed! There are so many vegan products available to us now from beauty products to clothing to fast food and the world is running out of excuses not to go vegan-friendly. True, non-vegan food tastes good, but it is argued that one can find all of the nutrients needed to flourish on a plant-based diet, and that it's better for the environment.

So here's a selection of vegan lipsticks to show that vegan gals can be as fashionable and stylish as anyone wearing commercial, non-vegan products. Why not be kind to animals while looking fabulous? It's a win win situation!

The Red Set

Keep it classic with a selection of red liquid lipsticks from Aromi.

The Red Liquid Lipstick Collection, $58,

The Sheer Nude

Stay simple with a sheer, nude lipstick with a high shine finish.

Sheer Revolution Lipstick In “Sheer Walk Of Shame,” $22,

The Sky Blue Shade

The sky’s the limit with this quirky, blue hued lipstick.

Unicorn Lipstick In “No She Didn’t,” $18,

The '90s Brown

Get your Clueless on in a classic, 1990s brown shade.

Sassy Lipstick, $17,

The Barbie Pink Lip Tar

Channel the plastic fantastic Barbie in this bright pink lip tar.

Lip Tar In “Mannequin — Malibu Pink,” $18,

The Purple One

Got a passion for purple? You’ll need this awesome lipstick shade in your life.

Lipstick In “Drive,” $19,

The Black Velvet

This liquid-to-matte Velvetine lipstick is perfect to unleash your inner goth girl.

Velvetine In “Black Velvet,” $20,