Drink Super Nostalgically In A College Map Glass

How integral was drinking to your college experience? A lot of people in college end up binge-drinking through all four years, while others find it pretty unnecessary. We're so apt to categorize college as tHeDrUNkYeArS that we forget that honestly doesn't apply to everyone. However, unless you were completely sober (which is fine too), you did at least enjoy a drink every now and then during college. That's what College Town Maps Drinkware is celebrating. They're trying to enhance your drinking experience by adding a map of your college town to the pint in your hand.

According to their Etsy shop:

"A great beverage starts with a fun, intriguing glass that creates an immediate personal connection and elevates the drinking experience. Our project, College Town Maps Drinkware, combines the fascinating beauty of detailed maps with the affinity we feel for that special place where we spent all that time studying (right...).

A thriving Etsy shop since 2009, theUncommonGreen designs unique, stylish barware and other home goods with eco-friendly practices in mind. We originally met in college in Pennsylvania and eventually established our company in the collegiate hub of Boston, so it was only a matter of time before we developed a product that pays homage to America’s great college towns."

I went to school in Ithaca, NY (home to Ithaca College and Cornell University) and if there's one thing I can tell you (other than that it's beautiful in the summer that lasts exactly 3 minutes), it's that we have an awesome beer and wine culture there. There are local breweries, up-and-coming bars that use the word locavore too many times in one sentence and amazing wineries with stunning views. Everything you could hope for in a college bar scene and a lot more. A pint glass with a map of my college town is definitely something I could get behind, is what I'm saying.

Here's a closer look at the glasses:

One pair of glasses, $36

Two pairs of glasses, $50

Here are the towns they'll cover:

Somewhat unsurprisingly, my school isn't on their radar.

They really know how to make a town look good though:

Like, I'd drink SF right about now.

Watch the full video:

And check out their Etsy page.

Images: Etsy(3), YouTube