StyleLikeU's "Poet Vs. Patriarchy" Video With Spoken Word Poet Staceyann Chin Will Challenge And Inspire You

Every week, mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum behind StyleLikeU share inspiring videos where women strip down and share their vulnerable, powerful selves for the "What's Underneath" project. The latest "What's Underneath" video, "Poet vs. Patriarchy" with spoken word poet Staceyann Chin is gut-wrenchingly honest, beautiful, and impactful. Chin will leave you challenging yourself with questions you never even thought to ask.

One of Bustle's own editors has participated in "What's Underneath," which encourages all women to recognize "style" has nothing to do with clothing and comes from knowing and accepting yourself. Chin embodies the "What's Underneath" mission in her interview, stating, "Insecurity sells ... What would the fashion industry look like if every woman liked what she looked liked and wasn't preoccupied with how to make herself look more this or less that?" Let that one soak in.

Coming from Jamaica to America, Chin has faced her share of struggles in self-acceptance. In the video, she talks about the discrimination and brutalities she faced as a lesbian in Jamaica, as well as her difficulties as a black woman in America.

Chin's journey from abuse and insecurity to compassion and fire for societal change and growth is genuinely awe-inspiring, and I couldn't encourage you more to check out the video below. Despite all odds, Chin is still "gunning for utopia," and it will take every single one of us to make that hope a reality.

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Image Credit: StyleLikeU/Youtube; Olie Biologique