27 Perfect Maya Rudolph Reactions For Any Situation, Because Her Comedy Prowess Is Always Relevant

When it comes to my comedy heroes, there are few who rank as high as the one and only Maya Rudolph. She's the brilliant mind behind some of Saturday Night Live's most memorable characters; she's endlessly real on talk shows; and she'll pull at your heartstrings when you least expect it. As her career grows, her genius continues to be unwrapped one deliciously absurd morsel at a time. Maya Rudolph is that rare kind of comedian who is as accessible as she is subversive. There aren't many women who could pull off a Rachel Dolezal impression without offending the entire Internet, but Maya Rudolph sure can.

Maya Rudolph is also one of the most physical and expressive comics in the field. What she can do with her face would make mid-'90s Jim Carey envious. Maya Rudolph is such a natural comedian because she embodies her work entirely. She throws it all on the table — her body, voice, and soul — and the pay off is this un-matched level of commitment and belief in a character. You could turn the volume off on Maya Rudolph (but why would you, she's amazing) and you would still find yourself laughing at her work...she's just that gifted.

To celebrate the hilarious tapestry of Maya Rudolph's facial expressions, here are the most perfect Maya Rudolph reactions for almost any situation:

When You Walk Past an Open-Front Cross Fit Gym

The horror, the horror!

When Your Roommate Suggests Ordering In


Pad Thai, hear my prayer.

When Your Friend Asks You if Reading Her Boyfriend's Texts is OK


Girl, that is some serious nonsense.

When You Catch Someone's Eye From Across the Bar

This is how I flirt.

When Your Ex Asks You How You're Doing After the Break Up


Fine, everything is fine!

When Someone at the Gym Gives You Unsolicited Advice


Walk away while you still have time to live, sir.

When You Walk Towards the Sampling Area of Trader Joe's



When You Fart In The Same Room as Your Long-Term Significant Other


Sorry, not sorry.

When Someone Writes that They are "Sarcastic" In Their Dating Profile


That doesn't mean you're funny, you're mistaking that with wit.

When You Take a Shot of Tequila on Friday at 5:03 p.m.



When Someone On the Street Tells You to Smile



When You Share War Stories With Someone Who Used to Date Your Ex



When You Think About How Long It Will Take to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Sorry future unborn children of mine, here's all of my debt. BYEEEEEEEE.

When Your Friend Asks You to be a Bridesmaid


I'm so honored. I'm so broke.

When Your Mom Asks If You're Eating Well


Any further questions?

When You're At a Concert for a Band You Don't Know


This is fun, riiiiiiight?

When You Post A Selfie of Your New Haircut

And I am flawless.

When You Go to A Wedding that Has a Cash Bar

You cruel, twisted MONSTERS!

When Your Friend Suggests Saturday Morning Bootcamp


I like my sleep and will to live, thanks.

When Your New Mommy Friends Start Talking About Nipple Chafing

Unless I ask, please, please refrain from telling me about the placenta and poop.

When You See a Screaming Child Walking Toward Your Aisle on the Plane


Keep moving.

When A Cab Driver Tells You His Card Machine Isn't Working


I'm so sure.

When Your OKCupid Date Tells You He's Really Good at Juggling


This is my "impressed" face.

When You Read a Meninist Tweet


Faith in humanity: lost.

When Your Newlywed Friend Wants to Use The New Stemware

Works perfectly for me.

When Guys Say That Women Like Being Cat-Called


Since when is "harassment" the same as "compliment?"

When You Find a Hidden Hershey's Kiss in Your Purse


Now there's a surprise everyone can get excited about.

Bless you Maya Rudolph, you incredible chameleon of a comedian.

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