Maya Rudolph Sings Beyonce During Tulane University Speech, Because Nothing Says "National Anthem" Like "Single Ladies" — VIDEOS

It should be a commonly accepted fact that if you want to have a good time at your graduation, then you should invite Maya Rudolph to do your commencement speech. I mean, that should just be a thing. That's what happened on Saturday, when Maya Rudolph gave the commencement speech at Tulane University, the video of which hit the Internet on Monday so that everyone, graduates and non-graduates alike, can enjoy the comedic stylings of the Saturday Night Live alum. However, it's not just Rudolph's comedic stylings that are the highlight of the 19 minute video. Oh, no. Rudolph also sings a Beyoncé song for the former Tulane University students — under the guise of the "National Anthem." Which, let's be real, is totally fitting.

Rudolph is no stranger to Beyoncé impersonations, as every SNL fan knows very well. Her impression of the Queen Bey is almost — almost — as good as having the actual Beyoncé there, not only because Rudolph goes at it with such a passion that it's clear what a huge Bey fan she is, but also because Rudolph can actually sing, like, really super well. Thus, it's no wonder that her rendition of the "National Anthem" will bring you to tears... of laughter, since she sang it in a series of hilarious voices. And then transitioned into "Single Ladies." Because why the hell not, really?

Of course, making everyone laugh wasn't the only name of Rudolph's game in making the commencement speech. She dropped a lot of truth bombs as well, assuring students graduating with a huge loan debt that they had "better win the lottery or something, I don't know what to tell you," and expressing her excitement over joining the students as they "embark on this exciting and challenging journey of being sober during the day." She also worked an Oprah Winfrey reference in there, except, instead of giving out free cars, she started giving out free diplomas. Basically, it was everything you needed from a commencement speech, but with some bonus Beyoncé thrown in.

She also left them with one beautiful piece of advice that truly tied the whole speech together, and that's worth remembering whether you're graduating or well into adulthood: "So hold on to your old friends. Kiss your mama. Admit what your dreams are. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know what you’re gonna do tomorrow." For those of us who have trouble remembering what we ate for breakfast this morning, this is a perfect thing to keep in mind while we're marathoning Beyoncé songs to pump us up for another work day.

Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube