Nick's Poem For Kaitlyn Was Mostly Adorable

You might not know this about two-time Bachelorette finalist Nick Viall, but when it comes to gifts? He's kind of amazing at it. As is customary on Bachelor Nation shows, Monday night's Bachelorette finale featured Nick giving Kaitlyn a present before she made her decision about her final pick, and it was crazy sweet: A double-sided frame with a photo of the two of them together during their first one-on-one date on one side and a poem Nick wrote about how he was feeling the moment the photo was taken on the other. Even I, as a person who is totally rooting for Shawn, can't help but admit how adorable Nick's gift was. But how does Nick's gift to Kaitlyn stack up to the gift he gave Andi Dorfman last year?

In case you need a refresher, what he gave Andi was pretty cute, too. While winner Josh Murray offered up a personalized Andi baseball card, Nick gave her a similarly sentimental present: A fairytale about his and Andi's future life together, handwritten and complete with illustrations. It was cute, and it even included blank pages at the end so they could continue their story. It was enough to melt the heart of all of Nick's haters in that moment, and it's official — he's an awesome gift giver.

But as cute as his gift to Andi was, I'm definitely a fan of his present for Kaitlyn. It was personal and a sweet way to show her how he feels about her, and it's obviously something she'll treasure forever, even if Nick isn't the guy she spends the rest of her life with. Or is a guy who can spell "energy" right the first time.

And honestly, these adorable gifts and the time he put into them is a huge indicator of how much he cared about Andi and how much he cares about Kaitlyn. Nice work, Nick. The world would be a better place if more people gave handwritten poems to the people they love, don't you think?

Image: ABC