Kaitlyn Dumps Nick On 'The Bachelorette' Finale & He Didn't See It Coming. AT ALL.

Poor Nick. No tropical locales for him or Kaitlyn, because our Nick Viall got dumped on The Bachelorette by Kaitlyn. Nick Viall came in in the fourth week of The Bachelorette, and he and Kaitlyn were hot and heavy right from the get-go. The other guys were obviously not that pleased with him for taking up their time with Kaitlyn, but what can they do? Kaitlyn and Nick were all about each other. Too bad that’s all over now.

On the finale, Nick was the first person out of the limo, which all Bachelorette fans know is a bad sign. Nick gave Kaitlyn a big speech, saying that he would love to be with her forever if she would have him, and that he felt so many things with her that he never felt with anyone else:

“The reason I showed up in the first place is because I just felt something about you, and it was a feeling I’ve always wanted to feel about someone. I’m not ready to let you go.”

Ugh, Nick. You’re really killing me here with this. Kaitlyn stopped him from getting down on one knee, explaining that she had to end it because they discussed that if it didn’t feel right for one of them, they wouldn’t go through with getting engaged. Nick was understandably floored. Then, Kaitlyn did the thing that all Bachelors and Bachelorettes do when they break up with someone — they try to convince the dumped party of how hard it is to make a decision through all of this. I’m not saying that it’s not difficult to break someone’s heart, but it’s not ever what the person wants to hear, you know?

Nick basically told Kaitlyn that he didn’t want to hear it and that he had to leave, and I can’t blame him. Nick got in his limo and drove away, declaring himself a fool and stewing in his own misery.

I mean, how many times can a guy get his heart smashed on national television? I’m really feeling for Nick right now — he totally did not see this coming.

Image: ABC