Kaitlyn Made Her Final Pick On 'The Bachelorette'

by Nicole Pomarico

Is it just me, or was The Bachelorette finale especially hard to watch this year? Before giving us the proposal I've been dying to see for the past couple of months, ABC had to hit us with the rough stuff: The inevitable breakup that had to happen first. After the deep, intense connection Kaitlyn felt with Nick all season long, she decided to set him free in favor of her deeper, even more intense connection with Shawn — Yep, despite the insecurities he had all season long and the obstacles their relationship faced because of it, Kaitlyn chose Shawn on The Bachelorette finale, and they're both crazy excited about the idea of spending the rest of their lives together.

After Shawn rolled up in his limo, he gave Kaitlyn a sweet, heartfelt speech about how much he loves her (and how he's loved her since day one, of course) and then, it was her turn. She responded in kind, and then faked him out a little with a comment about how she needs to be honest with him... and the thing she was being honest about was that she never wants him to doubt their relationship or her faithfulness to him again. OK, how adorable is that?!

And then, it happened: Shawn got down on one knee and asked Kaitlyn to marry him, featuring a special appearance by the biggest Neil Lane engagement ring I have ever seen in my entire life. And obviously, Kaitlyn said yes, as The Bachelorette's triumphant soundtrack played in the background.

They may have had to overcome a lot this season — most of it because of the insecurities that Nick Viall gave Shawn — but now, it seems like it's going to be smooth sailing. Even if you were #TeamNick, it's clear that these two are so giddy to be together, and it's hard to deny how adorable they are.

Is there any love better than reality show love? No. No, there is not.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC