Hailee & Virgil's Robot Hip Hop Routine On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Proves These Two Are The Best Characters Of The Season

Well that settles it, Virgil has officially found his personality soulmate on So You Think You Can Dance. The highly lovable and wonderfully weird Team Street dancer with an immense amount of talent performed a Hip Hop routine by Pharside and Phoenix with Team Stage dancer Hailee that not only blew the roof off of the entire episode, it also proved that the two dancers have possibly the two best and biggest personalities of Season 12 so far.

From the very first moment the two dancers began rehearsing their Pharside and Phoenix Hip Hop routine as two robots, it was clear that this would be the performance of the night. Hailee, a Jazz dancer, brilliantly killed the number in rehearsals proving that great dancers can be from any style. And of course Virgil was perfect as always. Seriously, I truly believe this guy is going to become as big a fan favorite as tWitch and Fik-Shun. And of course when the routine began, there was no doubt in the audience, Hailee and Virgil were putting the show of a lifetime.

But what was almost even more fun than the performance, which was featured choreography almost as brilliant as the dancers' commitment to their characters, was the fact that both Hailee & Virgil decided to continue staying in character even after the routine ended and they were receiving critiques from the judges. It was absolutely bananas in the best way, and honestly I can't wait to see these two perform together again. I really think they were made to dance routines like this together.

Images: Screenshot/FOX