Are Theo & Malia Getting Too Friendly?

Now I know that we still have no idea what is Theo's plan on MTV's Teen Wolf, but can we all agree that he definitely has it in for Stiles? It seems as though he is trying to take Stiles' place as Scott's best friend in the pack, and he manipulated Donovan into attacking Stiles. And if those weren't bad enough, Theo also looks to be moving in on Stiles' girlfriend. Now Malia can take care of herself, that's for damn sure, but I am genuinely worried that she is being seduced by someone who has come into her life and the lives of everyone in her pack in a rather sudden and mysterious fashion. Plus I've stated this before, and I'll state it again: If Stiles doesn't trust someone, I'm inclined to agree. And so should everyone else. But Malia has already shared a dangerous situation with Theo after she drove them off the road during a vision of the Desert Wolf. So is Theo seducing Malia? Is Malia interested in Theo? Should we be worried about Malia and Stiles' future?

Honestly I think the answer to all of the questions above is yes. In Monday night's episode, "Required Reading," we saw the couple lie and keep things from each other, as did Theo. Malia didn't tell Stiles about the Desert Wolf part of her vision and Stiles hasn't told anyone about Donovan, a secret that will clearly keep eating him up inside. Then there's the serious way in which Malia and Theo bonded during their vehicular incident, and the look Malia gave Theo while he was working out. To be fair to Malia, Theo took off his shirt on purpose as he knew she was coming in to speak with him. So it just seems like a no-brainer that he is purposefully trying to seduce her. I just hate that it might be working.

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