Theo Clearly Wants Stiles Dead On 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf writers, I have only one request of you: Please don't kill Stiles. Fellow Teen Wolf fans, Season 5 is stressing me out so much that I literally cannot handle myself. In Monday night's episode "Condition Terminal," we saw two sides of Beacon Hills' mysterious newcomer Theo. On the one hand, he heroically saved Lydia's life after she was slashed in her side by Tracy's kanima tail (RIP Tracy) by tying a makeshift tourniquet around her using his belt. Stiles, who is for good reason still clearly suspicious of Theo, seemed to even ease up on the guy after this act of cleverness and bravery. But then minutes later, we learn that Theo is working with the Dread Doctors. And what's worse, he planted a terrible idea in Donovan's head: Instead of killing Sheriff Stilinski for not making him a cop, he should ruin someone the Sheriff loves. Who else could that be but Stiles?

Considering Jeff Davis stated during Comic-Con that Dylan O'Brien would be coming back for the newly renewed Season 6, I have a strong hope that Stiles will live to fight another day. In the last minutes of the episode, we see Stiles once again working on his busted up jeep when Donovan comes up from behind Stiles and attacks him with a mouth that comes out of Donovan's hand. That's right. A freaking mouth. Now we already know that Donovan is one of the many chimera experiments that the Dread Doctors are creating, but what in the world is Theo doing working with them?

Obviously I don't have any answers, and it might even be too early for me to form any real theories based just on what we've seen so far. But something Theo said in Monday night's episode really stuck with me. When he spoke to Donovan about his failure to become a cop like his father, he tells Donovan that the new chimera has something even better: Power. Theo tells Donovan that he now has this immense power he can wield and use cleverly to really take down his opponents. It seems to be that it's likely Theo decided to work with the Dread Doctors because he craved that power, too.

At one point Stiles thought that Theo isn't who he says he is, but when he is able to reveal intimate details about their childhood history together, he backs off that theory a bit. But he might not be wrong. The Theo that he and Scott remember is sure to be long gone. Did the Dread Doctors make him into a werewolf? Are they using his werewolf genes for their experiments? What is their relationship? Whoever this new Theo is, he's dangerous and he might be smarter than Scott and his pack. He has already begun infiltrating the group using intellect, charm and other more emotional powers of persuasion. He's getting inside of their heads and making them fans. But why?

While we still probably have a long way to go before we figure out Theo's plan and his connection to the Dread Doctors, one thing seems clear: Theo wants Stiles out of the way. He knows that Stiles is the only person in Scott's pack that distrusts him vehemently, and Stiles' word carries a lot of weight. So while he knocks Stiles down in Scott's eyes, he's also getting Donovan to harm Stiles physically. Is it possible that Lydia's dream about Stiles' death will actually come true? I genuinely hope not. I still think Stiles has more to offer Scott and his packmembers. And he really is the heart and soul of the series. Without Stiles, I don't know what Teen Wolf becomes. He is the last remaining human (aside from Mason now). And I don't know if I can bare it if Theo succeeds in ending Stiles' life, so I'm going to just keep my hope alive based on Jeff Davis' words. Davis, you better not be lying to us!

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr (3)