Stiles Sees His Mother In A Tragic Flashback

by Keertana Sastry

I've been officially reduced to tears thanks to a damn episode of MTV's Teen Wolf? How has this happened? When did my life come to this? How is this show so freaking heartbreaking, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time? While no one knows how Teen Wolf is able to create such beautifully sad and real moments in the midst of supernatural chaos, I can answer how this happened: Stiles' flashback of his mom, that's how. On Monday night's episode "Required Reading," we saw Scott and his pack reading the Dread Doctors book in order to find out if any of them had in fact encountered the Season 5 villains in their past (My money is still on Lydia having a previous Dread Doctors encounter over anyone else). But instead of them remembering old experiences with the evil Doctors, we saw their most suppressed memories which were all horrible to witness. Stiles' however was the most sob-worthy.

Scott's flashback in the hospital caused his asthma to flare back up to the point of needing someone else's inhaler (Isn't this not allowed? That's what my mother used to tell me!), Lydia's flashback involving her grandmother was horribly gory and frightening. But Stiles' flashback gave us the answer to a question I never wanted to bring back up: Is it true that Stiles caused his own mother to die?

For those who may not remember, in the first few seasons of Teen Wolf, Sheriff Stilinski would drink too much and say some things he would later regret. One of them, the most traumatic and pain-inducing, was the Sheriff stating that Stiles killed his own mother. The look of sheer pain, guilt, and devastation on Stiles' face at that moment was never fully matched again, even when he became Void Stiles. That is, it was never fully matched until now. When Stiles' followed his mother in the flashback to the roof of the hospital and witnessed her talking about how a young Stiles was trying to kill her, my heart broke into a million pieces. And there's nothing to do to fix it.

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr (2)