Even Celebs Have 'Prety Little Liars' Theories

Does anyone else love it when you find out that a star you love is also a fan of one of your favorite shows? For example, I was so excited to discover celebrity fans of Pretty Little Liars, like Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. First of all, why wouldn't they be? Second of all, can we get these two actors on the show ASAP? But most importantly, when celebrities like the same shows as us, they can even be just as obsessed as us, and in this fandom that means one thing: theories. Yes, these famous fans have Pretty Little Liars theories too, though I genuinely doubt that they are as incredible as what some of the diehard fans out there have come up with. Still, they're so fun to see.

Now, people like Stonestreet and Vergara probably don't have time to come up with many theories for Pretty Little Liars — they have their own show to worry about, after all. Still, there are other celebrities out there who are just as impatient about finding out who Charles DiLaurentis is as we are, so to honor their commitment, let's check out some of their theories.

Samantha Logan

In September 2012, the star of the short-lived series 666 Park Avenue told Alloy Entertainment that she never trusted Toby from the start of Pretty Little Liars. While it seems unlikely that Toby is actually Charles, there are still people out there who don't trust Rosewood PD's newest officer, and I hope she stuck to her instincts — Toby could still be involved in the A game.

Sara Shepard

The author of the Pretty Little Liars book series told Entertainment Tonight in January that she purposefully kept herself out of the loop about A, though she did reveal that her favorite running theory is that A is actually a pair of twins. However in the interview with Bustle's podcast above, Shepard reveals that since the twin theory has been disproven, she likes the idea that Wren is Charles, and is still very keen on Ezra being connected somehow.

Shay Mitchell

Yes, I know. Mitchell is one of our beloved Liars, so obviously she knows who Charles/A is at this point, as the stars have already filmed the Season 6 summer finale. But in an interview with Seventeen, Mitchell shared her hope for the very end of the series. "In my fantasy world, the girls are all happy, running around in a flower field with no cell phones," she said. "Although I don’t think that’s really going to happen. I’m very curious myself!" Sure, it's not a necessarily a theory, but it's the most we're going to get out of any of the fierce foursome.

Jim Chapman

The British vlogger and model made the theory video above, which mainly focuses on his dog (who is quite adorable to be fair) and very little on the actual show. He seems to only watch because his partner enjoys it, but his theory is that the writers still have no idea who A is themselves and are purposefully just stringing us along for the ride until they figure it out. Well Jim, I think all of us fans have had this bad thought every now and then, but there's no way it's possible. The PLL gang definitely knows Charles' identity, whether they want to tell us right now or not.

Kirstie Saunders

Blogger Kirstie Saunders tweeted that she believed Cece and Charles were twins with Jessica and Byron being their parents. She then tweeted again a month later with the wordless belief that Wren is Big A, all thanks to his stethoscope. For even more Charles theories, check out additional episodes of Taking This One To The Grave before we all finally discover the truth on Aug. 11.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy; pocgifhunt/Tumblr