NBC's Renewed 'The Blacklist' For A Second Season, Literally No One Is Surprised

Well, we've got one of our first network show renewals, folks, and it's not a huge surprise. The Blacklist 's coming back for Season 2, and your mom is probably very excited about it. Also James Spader probably. The Blacklist's been rocking it in the ratings since day one, giving NBC a much-needed boost in the numbers, so it's no huge shock that it'd be one of the first ones they'd vow to keep around for a little bit longer. This is especially true given that the star profile of its star (Spader) will increase even moreso with the filming and eventual release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, in which he is the lead villain.

NBC head Bob Greenblatt released the prerequisite praise-singing statement accompanying the renewal, saying that “The success of The Blacklist demonstrates that inspired storytelling is alive and well in broadcast television,” NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said. “With gratitude to both our partners at Sony Pictures Television and our NBC development executives who took a great script and shepherded it into a great series, I hope that Red Reddington never runs out of names to bring down on his list!”

Now let's start brainstorming who else from the Brat Pack we can bring back into modern pop culture.

Image: NBC