Is Klaus A Good Guy After All?

Last week, I was kind of tepid about joining Team Klaus. But after Tuesday night's episode of The Originals, I'm totally confident in my decision. I believe in Klaus. Oh crap, I sound like I've been compelled by the hybrid Original. Such is life. But in my/his defense, Klaus doing some serious work. He's making good progress. He wants to save that hybrid hybrid. He seems to want to fix his relationships with his family, Marcel, and Cami. Yeah, the character is a lot of fun when he's being an evil menace, but I don't mind rooting for Nice Klaus.


Rebekah tells Marcel do whatever he can to stay alive. And "do whatever he can" means "pretend to be loyal to Klaus." Oh, so you two are still doing this "overthrow Klaus" thing? Even though all hell broke loose last week? Their persistence is admirable, I guess.

Klaus wants to earn the trust of Marcel's remaining vampire buddies. Marcel's remaining vampire buddies are like, "Ew, Klaus. You stink. And you're palling around with that wolf lady who's pregnant with a hybrid hybrid. TROUBLE." Klaus is like, "You guys might like this idea: Kill all of the werewolves." What's the chain of reasoning? Well, if Marcel's buddies think Klaus' goal is to sire a hybrid army (thanks for planting that idea in everyone's heads, Tyler Lockwood), then why not get rid of any hybrid-able werewolves (what this means for Hayley after she gives birth is TBD. Hayley confronts Klaus about this little detail, and he's like, "…")?

When Rebekah and Elijah try to save Hayley from Klaus, Hayley is like, "Klaus is going to kill the werewolves, but the werewolves are my family. I don't know them, but I want to know them. Please save them. Don't worry about me. I'm fine." Rebekah and Elijah oblige.

Back at the ranch, er, French Quarter, Marcel and Klaus yuk it up a bit. Klaus tells Marcel all of his secrets. Later, the two kill a bunch of humans (but only after the human faction attacks them). And then Klaus is like, "I wanted everything you built, but, like, I'll never have the love of your subjects." And Marcel is like, "OH MY GAWD, I wouldn't be anything without you!" AND THEN, Klaus is like, "Let's be co-rulers. You and me. Besties. Brothers. Co-kings." They smile at each other. Marcel agrees to the arrangement. Either Klaus is the biggest sociopath, or he's actually turned over a new leaf. Klaus, what's your intent? Just level with me. I need to know if you're using Marcel as a pawn. I need to know what I'm getting myself into.

After they save the wolves (and find out about Klaus's father's wolf pack), Rebekah and Elijah return to the Quarter. Rebekah meets up with Marcel and Marcel is like, "Hey, I don't want to piss off my new bestie co-king, so… dot. Dot. Dot." Rebekah is like, "DAMMIT are you KIDDING ME?! You're ditching me for Klaus!?! Maybe I'll bring up what happened in 1919 and ruin your new bestie-status?"

What happened in 1919? All we know is that there is a photograph of Marcel, Klaus, and CAMI THE HUMAN from 1919. And that something went down.

Elijah apologizes to Klaus about the whole "believing Tyler Lockwood" debacle, and Klaus says, "when you're ready, should you be so inclined, you and Rebekah are welcome to join me here." Okay. Either Klaus is playing the craziest prank on everyone, or HE IS REALLY MAKING AN EFFORT?

I suppose I should address Cami the human. For the past few episodes, Klaus has been messing with her sense of reality via compulsion. Cami's life kind of feels like the movie Memento. She even leaves herself "Don't trust Klaus" notes. Poor Cami the human. Klaus actually cares about Cami, in his Klausy way. The priest (her uncle) realizes this and is like, "Klaus. Leave her alone. Let her skip town. Compel her to skip town and forget you." Klaus does. But only after he shares his hybrid origin story with her. Klaus seems the opposite of evil in this scene. TEAM KLAUS.

But unbeknownst to Klaus (or Marcel), Davina, Josh, and Hayley have formed a little alliance. Just as Cami is about to bounce, Davina stops by to vent about Marcel. Cami is like, "who are you?" And Davina is like, "Oh, crap. You've been compelled. Let me fix it. And yep, this will hurt." Cami the human isn't going anywhere.

Will Hayley and Elijah ever smooch? What happened in 1919? Will Klaus continue making amends? Will Tyler Lockwood show his dumb face again? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL JAN. 14 TO FIND OUT?!?!?!?!

Image: Annette Brown/The CW