Is Kylie Jenner Married?

A new Kardashian-related rumor is (of course) making its way 'round the Internet. I don't think anyone is going to be shocked by that news, this is the status quo of things and all, but this particular piece of gossip is, well, weird. According to Hollywood Life, there are rumors being spun of Kylie Jenner being married to Tyga because she posted a picture of herself wearing rings. Yes, you read that right. It might sounds suspicious and scandalous, but once you see the picture that inspired the hype, you may change your mind entirely.

Here's an enlightening fashion update for those of us who aren't aware: sometimes, people wear rings just because they're cute and sparkly. A ring doesn't have to mean anything other than the fact that it caught the wearer's eye, they purchased it on their own accord, put the ring on their hand and, are like, "Damn. Now my finger looks amazing." Seriously. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not playing with you.

Apparently, this hoopla is all because Kylie is wearing the new ring on her left ring finger, the *engagement* and *wedding* finger, and because of her much talked about, "rumored" relationship with Tyga. As Hollywood Life reports,

Among other rings, she’s noticeably wearing two bands on her ring finger — one which she started wearing in May and originally sparked engagement rumors, and another brand new one with diamonds. Interestingly, she also captioned the pic, “king kylie,” which is the same name she uses on Instagram, and also could be a reference to Tyga’s son, King Cairo.

The site also references a questionable moment regarding the issue on I Am Cait, having to do with a conversation between Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie, and Kylie's grandmother:

In one scene, the former Olympian reveals that her mom, Esther, was just 17 when she tied the knot, to which Kylie replied, "Kind of like me!" Afterward, the 17-year-old flashed a huge smile, and Caitlyn retorted, "I better not hear that from you!"

Before we make any assumptions though, let's look to Kylie's social media for further evidence.

She's Wearing Five Rings On That Hand

The sheer amount of rings sort of makes the picture that much less damning.

Although, Sometimes She Does Wear The "Engagement" One Alone

From what I can see.

But, She Just Graduated High School

The second ring could have been a gift from any one of her million, generous family members. The first one, too, actually.

She Wears Rings Paired Together A Lot

And, far as I know, a middle finger ring doesn't symbolize much of anything.

Maybe She Just Like Rings

It's cool. I do too.

Clearly, Jenner Has Fun With Her "Reputation"

See? She knows what people think of her and she has fun with it. Back to that I Am Cait moment. Even Hollywood Life noted that she was "teasing" Caitlyn. Like any cheeky teen, she was probably just trying to get a rise out of her family members.

After considering this from all Instagram angles, I don't think that Kris and Caitlyn's youngest is a bride at all.