Did Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal Ever Date?

The new movie Southpaw opened in theaters on July 24. Maybe you went to go (or want to go) see it for the inspiring story of a boxer who rebuilds his life and career. Or maybe you went to see it for stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams, who play a couple in the movie, the boxer and his wife, respectively. Speaking of couples, you might remember that the costars were once rumored to be an item, so now that film is out, some fans might find themselves wondering: Did Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal ever actually date?

McAdams and Gyllenhaal were spotted out together multiple times during the summer of 2014, when "new relationship" reports were in full swing. The rumors continued on into the fall and even wormed their way into reports earlier this year. It's easy to see why some may have thought the two were together. After all, they were photographed doing everything together from going to a cozy dinner to attending boxing matches. But then again, they were in the middle of filming a movie together, so it makes sense that they would maintain a close friendship and meet up off set for some platonic fun. Also, it is not the first time the two teamed up to work together — they were co-presenters during the 2010 Academy Awards. Since they knew each other beforehand, it is possible that did get closer after filming the movie, just not in that way. And according to both of the costars themselves, the rumors that they are anything more than friends are just that — rumors.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Gyllenhaal about his love life back in April, the actor told her that he was single and did not offer any additional info. As for McAdams, she once denied rumors that she and Gyllenhaal were an item. While promoting Southpaw, she shot them down by simply saying, "Oh, no" and laughed when asked about the reports.

However, just because they might not be, or have ever been, a couple in real life does not mean that they can't support each other and cheer one another on. Gyllenhaal told Marie Claire of McAdams: "She has that beautiful darkness but exudes a real, true light. To be dark and light at the same time is as rare as it is infectious." High praise!

Well, folks, I think for the time being that we can classify these two as "just friends" status, and it's just as well. After all, just because you share good chemistry with someone on screen does not necessarily mean that it translates to real life. Kudos to them for carrying on a beautiful friendship!

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