13 Things Single People Shouldn't Be Afraid To Do

It's dope as hell when you find a person and share both a mutual attraction for each other as well as general tolerance for one another. However, that isn't necessarily what's happening in your life at all times. Being single can be awesome. Being single means you have lots of power anthems to choose from. Being single means you can be selfish, and frankly, that's a thing you oughta take advantage of. One thing I want you to be clear on, though: you should be able to do stuff when single and not feel self conscious. Your life doesn't start and stop based on whether or not your sheets smell like anyone's feet but your own. Trust me on this.

Society places this weird favor on couples. I like to think it's based in the convenience of buy-one-get-one-free deals. The origin of this doesn't matter so much, but the rejection of this absurd idea certainly must be addressed. First and foremost, you must understand the following: being single should never hold you back from living your life. That's why the phrase is "do you," not "do what's most convenient as a compromise between you and your partner." You're single! Do the damn thing — you don't need a partner or permission. Here's some things single people should always feel free to do solo and sans feeling self-consciousness:

1. Have a cup of coffee out

You don't have to bury your face in a book or laptop to look like "you belong." You bough some coffee and are now drinking it, yes? Boom. You officially belong.

2. Grab a cocktail

Same as the coffee thing. Just dig on people-watching and the huge luxury that is ordering as much or as little to drink as you want. Pair that with the option to really take your time and you're straight coolin', bb.

3. Catch a movie

If you've never done it before, I highly recommend it. Concerts, too.

4. Hit a wedding

You don't need a date to be allowed in, as it turns out. Just make sure you cozy up to the DJ to get a sprint-hint before "Single Ladies" comes on and you're forced to join the single-shaming mosh pit. Wait that part out at the bar.

5. Go shopping

Again, take your time and spend how you see fit.

6. Travel somewhere far

Maybe you were putting off a big European blowout until you had a LTR with whom you could split hotel room and meal costs. Don't wait for some theoretical person before chasing your travel dreams. Save money by scoping out couchsurfing or work-trade programs. It can happen cheaply and safely.

7. Take a long hike or walk

Sans technology. I promise it's good for you.

8. Adopt a pet

If that's your bag — but do remember pets are financial and time commitments. Plus, if you get one long enough, plan on keeping it around for a while. Don't go into pet adoption flippantly, but don't skip it entirely because there's no co-pet parent around.

9. Cook a badass dinner

Hit up the farmer's market for fresh produce and get it on in the kitchen. Pour a nice, tall glass of wine, throw on a favorite record or podcast and throw TF down. The best part? When it's out and done and so so so dope-looking, you don't have to share even a little bit.

10. Start and complete an ambitious DIY or home improvement project

Seriously one of the most validating experiences.

11. Read in public

Lose yourself in a new novel while strewn across a park bench.

12. Hang out with couples

Who actually cares? No one but you, maybe. If anyone present seems overly concerned you arrived to the party solo, that just reflects their own lack of conviction given their choices. Anyone confident in themselves and their partnerships wouldn't give a damn if you roll up stag. They're your friends, remember, so they'll be stoked to have you to themselves.

13. Post fabulous selfies

TBH, partners really only get in the way. Shine on, you. You're a superstar on all your own, y'know.

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