Watch This Girl Drop A Baby To Catch A Bride's Bouquet Because Priorities, Guys — VIDEO

Weddings are fun! OK, I should clarify — weddings with OPEN BARS are fun! As long as everyone keeps there chill and keeps the dance floor poppin', we're all cooling, right? Until someone gets a little...overly stoked. Like this poor woman who has very wrong physical impulses. Recently, a woman dropped a baby to try to catch the bride's bouquet. As in, dropped the small child to the ground. (The baby is OK, for those of you wondering. Although likely to hold a grudge against the flower section of the grocery store that will last a lifetime.) It's a shame, but at least it's better than when that dude smacked the bouquet from his girlfriend's actual grasp.

I understand my love of weddings isn't universal. Weddings are basically textbook anxiety attack opportunities, if you think about them in a certain way. Here you are, trapped in both an uncomfortable ~fancy~ outfit as well as some sort of wedding celebration chamber (likely a space that double as a vacation Bible school prison part-time, to be real). There are a million traditions you can't avoid once locked and loaded on Wedding Reception Island — and there are no emergency exit rafts. One of the most stressful situations that rises on Wedding Reception Island affects exclusively singel people: the bouquet toss. I mean it when I say I love weddings but I also mean it when I say I'd like to be absolutely invisible when this part happens.

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Remember when Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies" was only a fun club anthem and not the exact bars indicating it's time to be publicly punished for your single person status? Yeah. Me too. The floor parts and suddenly it's just you, some glum-looking tweens, and an older woman of mysterious origins.

Or maybe that's just my recent experience. Anyway, weirdness aside, I guess some women in that mushpot of shame are rather desperate to escape it. Desperate enough to drop a baby in order to beat out the tweens and grandmother.


You see her? The baby? The small on in yellow in the front? And to be fair, I guess the person holding her is more of a tween than a woman. But I can't! You can never really tell, right? Those baby-faced adults throwing it off for everyone (guilty, but I can still be mad). What should be the minimum age for these misery pits, anyway? Like, 17? Or better yet, 26? I don't know, guys. But maybe upper-body strength or multitasking prowess is more important than age. Because when we ignore all these things, stuff like this happens:


Right?? At least she seems to figure out what just happened fairly quickly and tries to remedy it. But also, she's clearly lacking in the physical coordination department so such a move could be considered either rather bold or super stupid. You make that decision for yourself when viewing the below video in full. (And yes, the baby is OK; thanks for your very appropriate concern.)

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