Guy Smacks Bridal Bouquet Out Of Girlfriend's Hand

Wedding season is upon us. If the beautiful weather wasn't enough of an indication, there's always your Instagram feed. (I am honestly overwhelmingly happy for everyone I know who got married this summer, but I swear my newsfeed is entirely bridesmaids dresses, honeymooners, pregnancy announcements and bride and groom shots.) Here's something that probably didn't make the feed though: This boyfriend smacked the bouquet out of his girlfriend's reach at a wedding before she could catch it. (Like, can you imagine that picture popping up on your Instagram feed between a pic of the Red Sox game and a beach pic?)

I think it's safe to assume that this couple is not getting married anytime soon—that is, if their relationship even lasted until the end of the reception. I am honestly hoping that the girl grabbed that bouquet and started hitting her boyfriend over the head with it. Like, it's OK to be opposed to marriage, but it's not okay to let your S.O. know by knocking the bouquet out of her hands. Ideally, they would've already had the marriage talk, but evidently now they don't have to. Actions arelouder than words.

Watch it all play out in slow motion.

Here's the action shot:

Here's how angry she is:

Is he getting up to run away?

Watch the full video and prepare to lose faith in romance:

If you need me, I'll be in my room listening to Paula Cole and wondering where all the good humans have gone. (JK, it's a work day, but you see my point.)

Images: YouTube(3)