10 People Reveal Their Instant Dating Dealbreakers, Because Dissing Tina Fey Can Send Your Date Running For The Hills

Sure, we all have dealbreakers and dating turn-offs. You may prefer tall, while others could care less if they tower over their date or not. You might really need someone to be gainfully employed, and your BFF may be totally into the hot bartender whose in a band. We all have different tastes and preferences, and what floats your boat won't float the next, but that's cool.

Not only are dealbreakers healthy but they keep us accountable for what otherwise is a vast, hectic dating pool where anything goes. While some things are relatively normal — you want someone who shares your same values, enjoys similar interests and you actually want to see them naked — other instant turn-offs, are, well, odd.

It’s OK if you can’t place your finger on why something your date (or short-term partner) did or said made you want to cringe and escape, but, hey, it happened. Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone. From dudes who propose orgies and politely encourage you to relieve yourself on them, to women who put down wait staff and offer up their breast milk to sample (for reals) — there’s no shortage of ridiculousness out there.

So next time you feel bad writing off that person for ordering chicken in a steakhouse, don’t worry about it. There have been far stranger reasons for rejection than that:

1. The Guy Who Smelled Like Milk - Gloria, 27

“I was dating this guy for three months and things were going really well until we were laying in bed one morning and I smelled rotten milk. I thought he must have forgotten to take his trash out or something, so I didn’t think much of it. But the next time I stayed over, a week later, I smelled it again. Come to find out… that’s just how he smelled. I tried my best, but after a few more mornings, I couldn’t handle it. Yuck.”

2. The Guy Who Hated Tomatoes - Nikki, 26

“He pulled a tomato off of his sandwich, then talked about how much he hates tomatoes. I'm Italian. I live off of tomato sauce, tomato caprese, straight-up tomato sandwiches in the summer when they're in season...::cue sad dramatic violin music:: As I watched him pull my favorite food off of his sandwich in disgust, I realized that we could never be. It was over before it started.”

3. The Guy Who Said His Totem Animal Was A Wolf - Felicia, 29

“I went on hiking on a first date with someone I had only met once before. We were out in the middle of the woods, no one else was around. He randomly started talking about how his totem animal was a wolf and how he had discovered that out in the same woods we were in during his vision quest. He then proceeded to tell me about how his eyes turn completely black when he's angry and how he's been so mad that he'll blackout and his friends have told him that he growled and bit at them. He was completely serious.”

4. The Guy Who Wanted Her To Pee On Him - Candice, 28

“Things were great with this guy I was casually seeing until he asked me to pee on him the next time we saw one another. Nope.”

5. The Guy Who Was Majorly Co-Dependent - Haven, 25

“I went on a date with a guy who told me his plan was for his wife to stay home with the children, as we live in his parents' neighborhood and then he'd work from home so we could be together forever at all times.”

6. The Guy Who Dissed Tina Fey - Maggie, 24

“I liked the guy until he said, ‘Tiny Fey isn’t funny but she’s kind of hot.’ Yeah, if our sense of humors don’t match… it’s a no-go.”

7. The Girl Who Was Rude To A Waiter (And The Ticket Guy) - Matt, 30

“I went out with a girl who was incredibly rude to the waiter. I brushed it off. Then she was rude to the cashier at the theater. I brushed it off. Then she was even ruder to the guy who tried to give her a refund for her movie purchase. People who are ugly to other people are immeasurably ugly to me.”

8. The Girl Who Offered Her Breast Milk - Aaron, 35

“A girl I was dating, who was a new single mom, offered me some of her breast milk......yeah....that was the last time we saw each other…”

9. The Guy With No Eating Manners - Laura, 28

“There was this guy I went out with who ate like a neanderthal...like no utensils, mouth open, lips smacking and talking with his mouth full/making strange growling noises. We had lobster, so it was repulsive to watch.”

10. The Guy Who Wanted An Orgy - Paula, 29

“There was an older guy I dated during a summer in college who told me after like a month of dating that he was planning on starting a ‘philosophy and sex group.’ They would meet once a month to discuss philosophy and then have a giant orgy. Because I guess some people get really turned on by philosophy? I don’t know, but I was out of there after that.”

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