Kylie Jenner & Jessica Simpson Wore The Same Monokini & They Both Rocked It Flawlessly

Ever have one of those awkward fashion double-takes where you'd confidently strut in your new favorite blouse, only to come face to face with someone wearing the exact same top? Jessica Simpson and Kylie Jenner wore the same Agent Provocateur monokini last week, which means celebs aren't immune to these moments either. Each starlet uploaded a glamour shot of the suit to Instagram, and both looked absolutely fabulous.

Simpson posed for her Insta followers on a yacht Saturday with both arms outstretched above her head, showcasing one sexy bod and killer thighs in the tastefully revealing one piece. Can you say goddess?

Jenner, on the other hand, took the selfie route (surprise!), letting her 30.5 million followers get up close and personal to the provocative swimwear older sister Kendall modeled not too long ago for the March issue of Allure. The youngest Jenner could easily put my favorite Disney fish-tailed princess to shame here, sporting a mermaid-hue bob and gold necklace.

This is obviously a prime window of opportunity for me to ask you all "who wore it best?" but I strongly believe these kinds of questions are toxic. By asking readers to vote in favor of which celeb served the suit justice is not only degrading, but also encourages women to compare themselves to others.

Women are constantly being asked to compare themselves to other women, and these "who wore it better" polls aren't helping matters. All women are gorgeous in their own way and it is unfair to subject them to comparison. Simpson and Jenner both look stunning in the Agent Provocateur monokini, and I may just take after their swim style.

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Images: jessicasimpson/Instagram; kyliejenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Agent Provocateur