Jessica Simpson Turns 35 In Sexy Swimwear

A woman's thirties are her new twenties, right? Jessica Simpson wore a low-cut, black one-piece swimsuit and matching knit cover up for her 35th birthday celebration this weekend. Hanging by the ocean tide on the beautiful island of St. Barths with a few gal pals, clearly sun rays weren't the only thing keeping temperatures rising.

The performer-turned-fashion designer stuns in swimwear, showing off her sexy curves and all-around impressive bikini bod. The suit actually brought me back to my grammar school days when I'd pop Now That's What I Call Music! 5 in my disc man and listen to Simpson's "Irresistible" on repeat. You remember that video, don't you? Where every other minute Simpson would be walking toward the camera in a skimpy leather crop top and pants that couldn't possibly get any tighter? Granted she may have ditched the leather, but there is no denying that almost 15 years later and Jessica Simpson is still a bombshell.

What I adore about Jessica Simpson is that she knows her worth. As a woman juggling a hectic schedule between being a mother and designing a new fashion line each season only to constantly being judged for every which way her body develops and changes, Simpson seems like criticism never really gets to her. She knows how fabulous she is, and embraces it. What's not to like about that? And as far as I'm concerned, Jessica Simpson has always been a beauty with brains and continues to get better with each.

Happy 35th, Jessica! Here's to another year of being healthy, happy, and oh, so hot!

December 2012

Bikini and a baby!

May 2014

Back in a bathing suit and confident as ever.

July 2015

Independence day - yay!

July 2015

Thirty(five), flirty, and forever thriving.

Images: JessicaSimpson/Twitter; jessicasimpson/Instagram(3)