Kim Kardashian Steps Out In A Tight Dress & Coat

Kim Kardashian isn’t known to be shy about her body — I mean, she only has the most popular backside in all of the world. Recently, Kim Kardashian wore a tight dress and overcoat for a look that's both sexy and covered-up. She’s been especially not shy about wearing form-fitting clothing while pregnant in a way that's super body positive and true to her style. Because if she’s not known for pulling off the skin-tight dress and overcoat thing, then I don’t know who is.

I’d say that this is a signature look of hers, and I’m so glad to see her continue to pull this outfit off. Bow down to Kim K, am I right? This isn’t the first time she’s worn this type of look during her pregnancy, either — it’s just that this all-white dress is definitely the boldest that we’ve seen so far.

She's not changing her style because of her pregnancy, and considering Kardashian is only about five months along, we’ve still got four more glorious months to see her sexy maternity wear. I plan on thoroughly enjoying every second of it. May the body positivity and form fitting dresses continue!

See the mom-to-be’s latest overcoat ensemble, plus five other times she’s worked this classic Kim K outfit into her maternity style:

She (and the baby) aren't camera shy at all!

Work. It.

Gotta love how she's not afraid to opt for something that hugs her figure!

1. Olive Green Overcoat

Stepping out in that signature look of hers, again.

2. Pale Pink

This subtle color looks great on her.

3. Sheer Overcoat

She's keeping it soft and sheer with this number.

4. Sheer Dress

Classic Kim K, you can never go too sheer.

5. Short Dress, Long Coat

Short or long, the dresses are always there to highlight that figure, and I don't blame her a bit.

No wonder this is her go-to. Why change it up when she look this good, you know?