Apps for Cheaters: Here Are 5 You Don't Want to Find On Your Partner's Phone

We are still figuring out the effect of technology on relationships. What does it mean that you are always available via text for your beau? Are dating apps a good idea? Is online stalking your crush or ex a recipe for disaster? Here is one piece of evidence that shows the dark underbelly of modern romance: there are over 30 apps designed to make infidelity easier. Here are five apps you don't want to find on your partner's phone.

Image: Pro Juventute/Flickr


TigerText is like SnapChat for text messaging. You can set a time limit for your text, have the text delete upon reading, or delete your text at any time, even if the intended recipient hasn't read it. Ideal for sexting, whether or not it involves infidelity.

Vaulty Stocks

Though it looks like your run of the mill stock exchange app, when a passcode is entered into Vaulty the app becomes a vault for private videos and pictures. It would be sneaky, but now you know what it looks like. You're welcome.

CATE (Call and Text Eraser)

The app’s motto is “Save Your Marriage: Everyone Deserves Privacy”, but somehow I don’t think that it will be used to salvage any holy matrimonies. This app is undetectable on a phone and is meant to store secret contacts and phone numbers. The app's notifications even show up as dummy texts. Additionally, if you get caught using the app, a quick shake will erase the screen. So, uh…marriage saved?


This app was actually not made for cheaters. If you call a number using Slydial, you will be sent directly to voicemail. Cheaters supposedly use this app to feign attempts at contact with their significant others. To which I say, who listens to voicemails anymore?


Using questionably legal “military grade spyphone software” you can install FlexiSPY on another person’s phone and then access their texts, track their location, listen to their phone calls in real time, and read their email.You can even use their phone as a microphone to listen in on them and take pictures with their phone's camera. And that’s not all! You can send texts or make calls remotely from their device or . So, basically you have control of their phone but no control of your compulsive and unhealthy need to stalk someone. Seriously, how is this legal?